Are makeup wipes bad for your skin? Should you avoid it

Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?
Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

Sleeping with makeup is a complete disaster for your skin. So no one would do that. The first formula for your healthy skin is to remove makeup before going to bed. And most people used makeup wipes but let me ask you a question. Are makeup wipes bad for your skin or not? Let’s figure it out.

Removing makeup, that multi-step project is quite difficult especially when you are about to sleep after a long tiring day. Get up to the sink and stand for an hour to wash your face properly. Truly speaking it’s torture. So what will you choose between disposal wipes or washing your face in the sink?

Genuinely speaking I will choose makeup wipes because they are convenient and easy to use. Not me but almost everyone would do that. But is quite shocking that beautiful people and skin care specialists consider sin using makeup wipes to remove your makeup.

After reading the article you will also stay away from make-up wipes as far as possible like me. I am feeling blessed to tell you about the slow poison for your skin. Thanks to the Internet which made my voice heard all over the world.

Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

Makeup wipes have a bad reputation due to several reasons. I’ll break down each one by one and I’ll tell how harmful they are.

Clogged pores

Makeup and baby wipes do not clean makeup but generally, they are designed to break the makeup by dissolving them. After using makeup wipes the chances of remaining makeup particles on your skin are high and cause the clogging of pores.


Scrubbing your face with makeup wipes can cause redness to your skin.


Makeup wipes do not completely wipe your face and residues leave on your face. These wipes contain a high concentration of surfactants that can be irritating and drying for your face.

Disturb PH level

They also have the potential for skin breakage and contain a high level of alcohol and harmful chemical that may cause dryness and irritation. These wipes also disturb the PH level of your skin.

Skin Ozone layer

The chemical in the wipes disturbs your acid mantle. This is a protective layer of your skin that keeps out impurities and dirt. It also seals the moisture and natural oil within the Skin.

This layer is extremely important for the health of your skin but gets removes when you use wipes. Exfoliation and using makeup wipes mean removing the protective shield of your skin. Save it at all costs.


These makeup wipes contain such concerning ingredients that cause toxicity. Let’s find what type of ingredients are found in wipes that make them so toxic.


Most of the ingredients are derived from petrochemical. They are non-toxic but can cause skin irritation.


Another thing is the chance of growing mold and fungus and it is high due to the moist nature of the product. It means preservatives used in wipes must be effective and strong.


They are glycol that helps in penetration. They also show some evidence of toxicity. They cause irritation and systematic toxicity when used on broken skin.


This ingredient is also found in some non-natural products including makeup wipes. The problem is this one is considered a skin irritant in some countries including Canada. So in the future, it would not be safe to use.


All the cosmetic products need Parabens to stay long. Generally, they are used as preservatives, and here in the case of makeup wipes, my suggestion is to stay away from them when possible.

6.Synthetic Fragrance

Our bodies have different types of skin mean their sensitivity varies. Now if we consider synthetic fragrance this one is also a skin irritant.

How bad are they for the environment?

These makeup and baby wipes are also a concerning issue for our environment. They are extremely terrible for our environment and also not biodegradable. The makeup wipes more than 100 years to decompose.

Every year we throw millions of tons of plastic in the shape of bottles and wrappers and pollute our environment. So why do we throw another substance that also behaves like those although we have an alternative? Save your motherland by stopping using makeup wipes.

Alternate of makeup wipes?

You can use bamboo or reusable wipes to remove makeup.

Double cleansing is also an effective way to get rid of makeup at the end of the day. In double cleansing first, you have to wash your face with an oil-based cleanser then use a regular cleanser. It will extract all the makeup particles from your skin pores like dirt and impurities and will also not disturb your PH level.

Some makeup wipes are good?

None of them is good for the skin but if you have to buy some then go for the brands that have the least amount of alcohol and harsh chemicals in the wipes.

We can never use wipes?

If you are camping or on the tour and you didn’t have running water then you can go for makeup wipes. Because sleeping with makeup is more harmful than using wipes once or twice.

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