17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

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The best affordable makeup brush sets are an important part of any makeup routine. Anyone who loves makeup will know the importance of a good makeup brush. How would you feel that you are applying a foundation or concealer with your fingers or a cheap brush that could not give a proper stroke on your face? And it also looks very odd. If you spend a little money on a brush set at once, you won’t have to do it at all.

Brushes play a very important role in makeup to look very attractive. There are so many types it’s hard to choose a single one. And the choice of a good brush is no joke. But here in this, I have selected some gems from Amazon from where you can get a good brush.

If you are reading this then your makeup kit needs only one item, brush sets. Your makeup will be as good as your makeup brushes. Good makeup requires a good set of brushes that could fulfill your makeup requirements. A good quality brush also helps the foundation to absorb well into the skin. Finding the best brush set for your makeup journey and getting it is a quite good task. And in this, we will help you. The best seller and beauty winner sets have also been added to the list.

As you all know different brushes perform different functions like some brushes are used to apply foundations, concealers some are used for eye makeup and some are for enhancing the crease of eyelids. Here we will discuss complete sets of brushes so you don’t have to go anywhere.

Don’t worry about the price, all the brush sets on amazon are less than 30$. If someone asks the pro artist to reveal their brush collection so of course, that’s what will come out of his kit. A fluffiest, softest, and sharpest brush set should be a part of your makeup kit. So that’s why you and we are here in search of the best makeup brushes on a budget.

Best affordable makeup brush sets


17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022BS MALL MAKEUP BRUSHES

10 pcs of brushes under 8 dollars, is it real? Yes! At 7$ you get all the super soft brushes that you want in your makeup. After buying it would be the greatest saving in your fashion world. If you are still deciding then go for it.

You have to look at the price, really it is the best affordable makeup brush set. The dense and well-shaped brush with a golden black handle gives a luxurious experience after using it without leaving any fine lines and hairs on the face. The soft and smooth hairs of brushes while brushing make you feel like you’re massaging. Covers all the unique brushes that any artist or beginner may need. 5 brushes are for foundation, bronzer or powder application, etc and the other 5 are for eye and nose makeup. They can be said to be the best affordable makeup brush sets or best brush set on a budget.

2.Bestope makeup brushes

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022bestope makeup brushes

Want to buy a jackpot? At number one on our list will be the guaranteed and best seller in makeup brushes bestope. You get into it 16 pieces of brushes that fulfill your all eye and face makeup requirements. The special thing about this brush is that it satisfies your customers and you will not regret it after taking it. Easy to clean, super soft, and with great value make it the best affordable makeup brush sets of all time.

It can be a great choice not only for artists but also for beginners. You will find all the brushes of excellent quality whose hair does not fall out quickly. You can find such qualities in other brushes too but the special thing about it is that it is its price. Its 11$ price makes it also the best affordable makeup brush sets. Also, it can be a great gift for any of your friends, family members, or any other relative on Christmas and Eid. 

3.Shany Cosmetics brush

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022SHANY COSMETIC

Being a professional, you can take anything you want, except when you have a Shany cosmetic brush set in front of you. Brilliant bristles, sleek handles, and portable pouch make it quite a good makeup brush set. Bristles are really soft and easily cleanable. Its long and lightweight handles are good for easy makeup. 18 pieces of brushes are enough for powder, blush, eyeshadow makeup, and eyeliner. 

This set is the most famous kabuki brush set. Its cute, dust, and waterproof bag is compatible with traveling. These are the best makeup brushes that don’t shed. If you are looking for the best affordable makeup brush sets then take it without hesitation.

4.Zorya Makeup brushes

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

This is also a next-level product in terms of price. These brushes are dense and well-shaped which helps to achieve a flawless finish. The 15 pieces of brushes are made with high-end wood that is easy to use for highlighting, blending, contouring and shading. It has all kinds of brushes that fulfill your makeup needs. You will find them functional and non-repetitive. Each brush is perfect for its job. It is a great choice for beginners that are looking for some reasonable brush sets and don’t want to spend 100 dollars on them. You will find them too easy to clean and use.

👎Bristles may fall out after some use.


17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Now it is the turn of MSQ brush set with real wood handle and soft natural hairs for eyeshadows, eyeliner, and eyebrows. It contains all items that are needed for glamping up. It can be a great gift for a wedding or a special occasion like engagements, Easter graduation retirement, or birthday gift. If you choose this for your mother on Mother’s day, she will love it. These are also super inexpensive makeup brushes.

The brush list contains foundation brush, eyeliner brushes, highlighter brush, and many more except these. You may be a little sad to hear that the concealer brush is missing from this list. Anyway, this is also the best affordable makeup brush set.

👎Good for newbies but color may be ugly. You can feel some bad smell from brushes.

6.Shany masterpiece

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

24pcs of the brush is enough to cover your whole face like your nose, cheeks lips, and brows. With their help, any wonderful and attractive face look can be made. It would not be wrong to say that SHANY products are excellent as well as durable. The professional wants it from the heart because it is made for them.

Anyone who knows a little bit about beauty or fashion will get it. Exquisite brushes and their excellent quality makeup prevent the product from being wasted. All the brushes are hypoallergenic and antibacterial treated.  This set comes up with a significant pouch best for traveling and places it in the list of best affordable makeup brush sets.


17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Now get rid of any other expensive brushes and get it. This is a bomb-type set of brushes that has genuine bamboo makeup brushes made from aluminum and plastic. Trust me it is a cruelty-free set that includes all the brushes which any professional or beginner may need like a concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, and angled brush. These brushes have the maximum softness and help to apply makeup flawlessly on your face and each brush is labeled for their use. It is a manageable travel size set specially built for traveling and trips. Women who want their best version can use it.

8.Professional makeup set

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

It would not be wrong to say that it is a treasure in brush sets. 12pcs of special brushes give a flawless look to your face on a daily basis. They have a premier look and are perfectly designed to fit into your hands to get a sexy makeup look. These charismatic brushes cover the whole face through their elegant bristles. After buying You will feel guilt-free. 12 pcs include lip defining brush, eyeshadow brush, blending eye brush, total face brush, concealer brush many more in under 12$ can be said to be the best affordable makeup brush sets.

9.Shany vanity vox

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Don’t miss out on this economical box containing 15pcs hypoallergenic brushes with multiple eyes and face brushes made of synthetic material and a perfect box to keep all the items safe and sound. Everywhere style does not matter, So they are stylish as well as long-lasting. It can be said that Shany vanity vox is a perfect combination of style and use. Apply any type of liquid, creamy, solid, or powder cosmetic product with these brushes without any hesitation.  The leather box prevents brushes from dust and dirt when they are not in use.

👎They don’t contain natural bristles. Brushes are a little small in appearance.

10.Shany Luna

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Shany is everywhere. In this list, 50% of products are related to Shany cosmetics. Here is the other one. Shany offers great stuff at very low prices and here is another one. This set is a space-friendly product. This set has double-sided brushes that offer the best makeup application by taking less space.

Each side of it performs different tasks in the best way. 6 travel and dual-sized essential brushes minimize the clutter. It has also a compatible travel pouch to protect brushes. If you have sensitive skin then don’t worry these brushes also work on sensitive skin with efficiency. Cuteness, softness, and easy to handle and use are the quality of the brushes. 

👎 Some of you find the bristles a little bit stiff and hard.


17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

The only brush set with a rating of 4.8. This little brush set is a big blast. This brush set can also be useful in enhancing your beauty through its airbrushed look and flawless application. This brush set also comes with 2pcs sponges that help in the smooth foundation through their revolutionary latex-free foam technology. This is an exclusive set and is under 20$. Get it fast for a dewy glow. It’s perfect for newbies to use.

👎Bristles may fall after some use.

12.DUcare makeup brushes

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

It has everything you need to look attractive. It is an army of black brushes and pouch. In this professional makeup brush set, you get 15 pcs of brushes with super soft bristles and FSC certified handles. They look very soft to the touch due to the use of density fiber and reused aluminum in them. Hypoallergenic property in this makes it perfect to use on sensitive skin. Black is always a classic and attractive color. Its bright black color makes it attractive and the heart wants to take care of it. The premium black cosmetic bag gives a luxurious feel. All the brush all super soft and non-shed.

👎Most brushes look small in size. And sometimes it smells like rubber.

13.Shany the double trouble

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Shany all products are next level. Here is another double-sided multi-colored brush set. The bristles are made of sable goat hair and synthetic fiber enclosed in an elegant white pouch. The set of 5 pcs of brush includes a bronzer, Eyeshadow, concealer contour brushes, and blush. With all these, they also offer an instruction list so you get the right brush for use. It also picks the right amount of color pigment in just one tap. The price is under dollar 10. Consider it because it is the best affordable makeup brush set for traveling and beginners.

👎Bristles may feel hard and can give a plastic feel.

14.Shany Black ombre

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

As the name suggests it is a traveling pouch. Outside from home and wanna dib dab on your face with powder or concealer here it is. It is quite compatible with your handbag or luggage case. 10 synthetic cosmetic brushes include bronzer, concealer, foundation, and eyeshadow brush, and an elegant black pouch increase its attraction toward buyers. And with all these brush instructions paper also appears with them. 

👎Rubber-like smell

15.Shany professional brush 

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Here is another great bunch of synthetic brushes with massive 32 pcs . Includes all the makeup I am saying all the makeup tools from eye to nose and head to chin. These high-quality brushes are made from goat and badger hair that makes them soft and silky. A unique lash comb is enough to style your hair.

👎Somewhere feels chemical smell.

16.Sigma basic beauty 

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

You will definitely want some ultimate level in makeup brushes. Here it is. It is a no-risk product with 2 years money-back guarantee. It is present on Amazon with 4.7 ratings.  There’s something wrong with that. It’s price. But you will definitely not miss out on such a great product for a little more money.

The rest of it has everything a professional needs.7 pcs of brushes with extra softness and smoothness make it classic. It is made hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin. This is an exquisite eye makeup brush set to cover a whole eye area. These 7pcs will make your day with excellent makeup finishing and will give you a sophisticated look. These brushes make your eyelid as round as bows.

👎Some people may find the size of the brush too small

17.Shany I love bamboo

17 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 202217 Best affordable makeup brush sets in 2022

Shany offers another great product Shany I love bamboo. It would not be wrong to say that PRO cosmetic brush sets. You will find an elegant round concealer brush, eye contour brush with a mini precious pouch to keep those items safe. The brush handles are made of bamboo with a sturdy weight. At a glance, you will find soft bristles for sensitive skin.

👎Some people may find bristles stiff and hard

Final verdict

Here you have seen all the list of best affordable brush sets now you have to decide which set is going to be the part of your kit. If you want something in less price then you can go BSMAL because it is under 7$ with a very good rating. Shany professional has 32 pcs of brush that will be enough to make up for your office party of for baby’s birthday. 


  • What will happen if we buy a cheap brush set?

    Nothing special will happen But after buying any cheap brush set you may find that bristles are too hard to use on your face. The bristles of your brush are shedding in just a few uses. So spend money once and get a good brush. This list is for you if you want something really better for your face.

  • What is the best eye makeup brush set at a reasonable price?

    By the way, if you buy a complete brush set then eye brush also comes along with them but if someone is interested to buy some separate brushes for their use so here are some recommendations.
    1.MSQ makeup brush set
    2.Set makeup eye detail
    3.Eye seek makeup brushes

  • Why Shany products are so famous?

    Shany is a brand that was created in 2006 by college students. It is so famous because of its good quality products and on amazon, It will be difficult to find a product that is out of stock. So that’s why, You can view any list you will find some of its products. 

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