How To Build a Makeup Kit For Beginners in an Effective Way 2022

Before I tell you how to build a makeup kit for beginners let me tell you some thing. Take the time to build your makeup kit. You will be told so many beauty items but it doesn’t mean to buy all of them right now. Take time and see what your requirements are and then buy according to your skin. You can also have all these products in your collection.

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Your money is very valuable so please spend it wisely. These are not only products for beginners, but you can also choose some other products. From foundation to primer from eyeshadow to mascara and from lipstick to lip gloss I will tell you how to build a makeup kit for beginners at an affordable price. It could also be your professional kit. You can purchase them from Sephora, Nyx, and Amazon.

All the products that are being told in this blog are at a reasonable price. And things that I am going to tell you most of the things you already have in your beauty items. You have to buy some more.

Today everyone has a top priority to look beautiful and attractive. But how? So that’s why I will tell you how to build a makeup kit for beginners. There are a lot of products on the market. It gets very difficult for a beginner to choose the right one. Be smart in choosing makeup products.

Face products

How to build a makeup kit for beginners


Primer is a starting item of a makeup kit. Primers are like insurance for makeup. Primary products are predominantly used to help makeup last longer and smooth. It gives a base to your skin. You can choose any primer depending on your budget. Primer is a building formula of makeup. It helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines so that the rest of the make-up can be on top of it.

NYX PERFECt PRIMER Its silky formula makes skin smooth for foundation and prolongs the wear of makeup throughout the day.


Foundation comes in various textures, colors, and consistency. They are used for perfection, provide a more even skin tone and give desired to look matte or dewy. It has also moisturizing benefits and it acts as a physical barrier against pollutants and specks of dirt that stick on your face.

DERMABLEND FOUNDATION It has a natural finish and has weightless full coverage. It is for all types of skin.


Some people think that concealers and foundations are the same but actually, concealers are not a foundation. The color intensity of the concealer is different from the foundation. So it can be avoidable if you have great skin. Concealers are used to brighten up dark areas of the face like under-eye areas. In choosing concealer company doesn’t matter but shades. If you have oily or sweaty skin then don’t use liquid concealers if you have e dry skin then you can use liquid concealers.

MAYBELLINE FACE STUDIO It works with full coverage and hides dark circles on the face very well.

➍Beauty blender

It is also a part of the makeup kit. It is a sponge-type structure that is used for the proper blending of makeup onto your skin. Its sharp end helps to cover an eye area and for a large area of the face, use a round portion of the blender. Most people don’t use it but if you have a budget then you can go for it.

REAL TECHNIQUES SPONGES 4 little pieces of sponges cover the whole face and correct any misleading and add colors.


It gives a natural glow to your cheeks. It comes in powder, cream, gel, and liquid adds color to cheeks and jawline. It tends to come in a variation of pink and sometimes with peach or plum variation.

MILANI Its 12 different beauty shades give the best glow to your skin.


It is used to reflect light and gives a natural shine to your face. They also give a higher complexion and dewy glow to your skin and make cheeks more prominent and brighter.

MEGA GLOW Formulation with fine pearls beads create multidimensional light-catching effects and achieve a luminous glow. 


It is used to shape your face and accentuates your facial features. It is formulated to hide dark circles spots and other blemishes.

NYX PROFESSIONAL CONTOUR To get a brilliant highlight to apply the deeper shade to ear to mid-cheek, along the hairline, & sides of the nose, and apply the lighter shade to cheekbone peak, bridge of the nose, & forehead center then blend well.

❽Setting Spray and loose powder

Setting spray is used to keep makeup hydrate for a long time and also used to preserve makeup for long-lasting. Loose powder is great if someone is looking for a luminous even finish. Their silky texture often works better as a setting powder to finish a look.

MILANI DEWY SETTING SPRAY Gives a sensation of freshness and coolness to the makeup without letting it dry and provides a dewy look.

Eye products

How to build a makeup kit for beginners
How to build a makeup kit for beginners

➊Eye primer

Eye Primer slides into the eyelid to not only ensure that the eyeshadow stays on all day but looks day look fantastic they can come in different shades that blend the skin tone.

NYX EYESHADOW BASE PRIMER Prolongs the eye makeup and smooth the application of the eyeshadow palette. Very gentle to use with eyes.

➋Gel liner

Gel liners are versatile easy to use and long-lasting. They work just as well for a winged cat-eye and simple look.

Newyork Gel liner Intensify the look of your eye makeup through its highly concentrated pigment 


Mascara is a makeup product used to darken thicken and lengthen or define eyelashes.

Cover girl mascara It makes your lashes long and dark without making them clump.

➍Eye pencil

 An eye pencil when freshly sharpened can get as close to the roots of lashes and right between they are formulated for a base for eyeshadows and lining the eyes. The fine tip of the pencil is useful for precise application.

Automatic Eye Pencil The purpose of it is to define eye look with its creamy formula that lasts for hours.

➎Eyeshadow palette

The Eyeshadow palette is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. They are used to add depth and dimension to one eye. The use of it get compliment they come in different and various colors and textures. When you have a few basic pallets you can create anything from a natural look to an elaborate wedding lookout or look for fashion.

Ultimate eyeshadow palette It’s 16 highly pigmented shadows help to make your eyes pop with colors. 

➏Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils are used to fill and clean the eyebrows. They are formulated to ensure that the color is applied evenly and precisely. They give a sharper finish.

NYX eyebrow pencil It easily creates a natural look of brow hairs through its finest natural-looking finish.

Lip products

How to build a makeup kit for beginners

➊Lip gloss

LipGloss Is used to give luster and add a subtle color. It’s is available in ranges of opacity from translucent to wood and can have frosted glitter glossy and metallic finishes. You can get butterfly, silky and smooth lips with this best-selling lip gloss.

Butter Gloss tiramisu You will get it non-sticky and after applying your lips will be supple, soft, and kissable. It is a moisturizer for your lips


Lipstick is a routine used product that applies color texture and protection to the lips. But the makeup kit is incomplete without lipstick. Always pick red and nudes because It is usually preferred. 

Burt bees moisturizing lipstick Leave your lips silky smooth gorgeous and moisturized for 8 hours with a creamy texture.

➌Lip pencil

A lip pencil Is used to fill in unevenly on the outer edges of lips before applying lipstick. It can also be used to outline the lips to prevent them from bleeding or be applied on its own.

Slim lip pencil Frame your lips through a variety of dashing shades and leads them to perfection and makes them glossy and creamy.

Nail products

➊Nail polish

Nail polish is a lacquer that can be applied to fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nails. It is a daily use product like lipstick. You can keep good nail polish in your makeup kit.

OPI nail polish You will get many shades and colors in this nail polish. It is affordable due to its price.

➋Nail polish remover

This is also a common product that helps to remove nail polish from nails. If you don’t have a nail polish remover in your kit then go for it. Fusion nail polish remover 

➌Makeup remover

How can a makeup kit be completed without makeup remover? Having a good remover is also necessary so you don’t have any problems while removing makeup.

Neutrogena cleansing face wipes 25 pre moisturized makeup remover wipes will help a lot to remove makeup effectively and smoothly. It dissolves all specks of dirt, grimes, bacteria, and stubborn makeup from the face all of sudden.


A sturdy suitcase that has a good set of wheels and is lightweight can be used as a makeup kit and moved around in different directions with ease.

Lavievert bag Made of waterproof material with huge compartments and multi-storage pockets with its reasonable price make it the best makeup suitcase. It will protect all cosmetic items whether you are traveling or on vacation. It is easier to carry it along with you. It is a choice of many makeup artists.


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