Natural skincare for teenage skin

How would you know what are the best tips for natural skincare for teenage skin?

In childhood, the cycle of cell turnover happens rapidly but as we grow it begins to slow down. You can see it below.

AgeCell Turnover Cycle
Before the early 20s14 to 21 days
The 20s to 30s28 days
The 40s45 to 60 days
50 years+60-90 days
cell turnover cycle table

With all these, collagen that is responsible for your skin tightness also decreases with age and time. As we step into teenage Lots of hormonal changes also take place. Our skin produces excessive oil which causes more specks of dirt.

●Why does a teenager need to read it?

In this blog, I will tell you the best tips for natural skincare for teenage skin that will change your skincare game forever. I would encourage you to start following even if you are in your teenage years, but if you’ve already hit your 20s and if you’re in your late 20s then you have to follow these skincare habits. Because they take your skincare game to another level. I’m not saying that skincare has to be like the core purpose of your life but you have to be a little bit more conscious about your skincare habits and how you’re taking care of your skin. You will see a lot of changes after applying in just a few days. 

Natural skincare for teenage skin

●Important note

You may have read many blogs in which you are being recommended for various products but I will not recommend any product that harms you. Because a teenager’s skin is more sensitive than an adult one so any of those can cause irritation or some other side effects on your skin. And you will be told useful tips that will really help your skin. Teenager budgets are often very tight so these will help you a lot.

●Common problems for teenagers

When boys or especially girls get into a teenage period they do not understand how to take care of their skin. There is no one to tell them. What steps or products are really important for their skin. So whoever tells them or whatever comes in their mind they just apply without thinking. Actually, it’s not their mistake, they are just too little to know what is right or what is wrong.

Natural skincare for teenage skin

The most common problem for teenagers are pimples, black heads, or whiteheads. Most of the problems are caused by food. But there are some physical methods for natural skincare for teenage skin, which will help eliminate them.

You have to follow this tip whatever age you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens if you’re in your late 20s or 30s,40s, or 50s. You have to have enough water. Just consciously drink enough water and then once you start doing it your body automatically starts feeling thirsty. It really helps the body to get rid of extra heat and immoral substances that cause pimples and other problems.

We have divided natural skincare for teenage skin into two routines

Daily routine

1.Daytime routine

2.Nighttime routine

Weekly Routine

Daily routine

Daytime routine

The most important steps of natural skincare for teenager skin are performed during day time. So daytime routine is the most important part of natural skincare for teenage skin. Here the steps for daytime routine.

•Face wash or cleanser




•Lip balm

➊Face wash or Cleanser

Apply fash wash or cleanser because they are both the same things. You can use any of them. Apply a light face wash-like Cerave on your face for 1 minute with plain water. And don’t wash your face more than once a day. Always do a double cleansing because the amount of junk or makeup particles that were left will also be washed away.

 If you cannot afford any face wash then I would recommend some DIY as a face wash. I know you are a teenager because once upon a time we were teenagers too.

Natural skincare for teenage skin
Dry SkinAcne-prone/oilySensitive
1 tbsp honey1 tbsp honey1 tbsp honey on your face 
1 tbsp milk1 tbsp yogurt _
Blend well and apply for 1 minBlend well and apply for 1 minApply for 1 min
DIY of face wash

After a gentle massage with them, your face will glow and the pimples will disappear in some days.


Natural skincare for teenage skin

As a teenager, it is not recommended to use a store-bought toner because they contain some harsh substance that could irritate your skin. There are some DIY for toning. You can use micellar water as a toner. Apply a little on a cotton pad and scrub your face with it. If micellar water doesn’t suit you then take it.

▸ 2 tbsp Aloevera or apple cider vinegar & 2 tbsp water

And apply it and don’t wash your face after using it.


There is a lot of emphasis on this in every routine. Applying moisturizer is necessary for every routine at every age. So don’t forget to apply moisturizers in your teenage years. Some teenagers think that they already have oily skin so they don’t need to apply moisturizers but this is wrong. Your skin is producing a lot of oil because your skin needs it. When your skin cells will get moisturized by moisturizer then your glands will also produce some less sebum or oil. You can use some good moisturizer. My recommendation is Olay Regenerist. If you can’t afford then here are some DIY

You can use almond or olive oil as a moisturizer

▸1 tbsp aloe vera 

▸1 tbsp almond oil

▸1 capsule vitamin C

Now your super homemade moisturizer is ready for any time use.


 Always wear sunscreen even while you’re indoors. Sunscreen protects your skin from so much damage that you will not see instantly. But the damage will just keep on happening over the years and you will age a lot faster. Dermatologists (skin doctors) strongly emphasize using sunscreen whether it is cold or hot.

Natural skincare for teenage skin

 At night it is ok not to use sunscreen but when there is sun then you have to apply sunscreen. We are emphasizing sunscreen because UV rays damage so much face skin by damaging collagen fiber. Collagen fiber is responsible for face skin tightening. Once your collagen starts to damage your skin becomes saggy (dheeli dheeli). Here is the sunscreen recommendation Ulta sunscreen.


▸2 tbsp Aloe vera gel  (it acts as a natural sunscreen protect our skin from the sun)

▸1 tbsp Olive oil  (contain SPF 8)

Blend well and apply.

Lip balm

In protecting our face skin we often forget our lips. We also have to take care of them. You can use any vaseline for your face or any lip balm that you like.

Nighttime routine

Nighttime skincare is the same as the morning skincare routine. A nighttime routine is also important in natural skincare for teenage skin.

 The cleanser or face wash applied in the daytime now in nighttime skincare will be applied as the same. Same in the case of tonner, moisturizer, and lip balm. But one thing which you have applied in the morning will not be applied here. Yes, it is sunscreen. We had applied sunscreen due to the sun in the morning. Now the sunscreen step is omitted from this routine. 

Weekly routine

The weekly routine is also important in natural skincare for teenage skin. Some people tell this routine to do daily but in my opinion, these methods are for mature skin and if you are in your teens then it is better to do once a week. If you really think this is very important to you then you can apply it twice a week. 


Natural skincare for teenage skin

Exfoliation is a very important step in a mature skincare routine. But in the teenage, it is important but not as important as the rest of the steps. If you don’t know about exfoliation then let me tell you exfoliation is a process in which dead cells of your skin are removed from your skin. It is also a quite important step at this age. It will take your skin to another level. You can use a chemical exfoliator for your skin like peter Thomas. It is for all types of skin. If you can’t afford it then I am here to solve it.

For Exfoliation 

Take dry ingredients

•Rice flour • Gram flour • Ground oats grinded •Grind almond 

Dry SkinOily skinNormal or combinationSensitive skin
2 tbsp milk1 tbsp yogurt1 tbsp honeyuse honey only
1 tbsp of any dry ingredientsame same_
DIY of Exfoliation.


This is not a step to be missed. In natural skincare for teenage skin routine, it is also very essential. It is considered the fastest method to make your skin healthy and supple in few minutes. It keeps us hydrated and moisturizes our dry skin. It also refines large pores and improves our skin texture by absorbing excess oil and dirt. Its amazing formula helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps brighten up dark spots and improve the look of breakout. After applying the mask leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then remove it. Here you get very clean, soft, and dirt-free skin. Celavi essence face mask.

Here are some best DIY for a facial face mask.

Oily skinDry skin
1 tbsp Multani mitti1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice1 tbsp aloe vera gel
DYI of face mask

Leave it on your until it becomes completely dry. After washing you will find the glowing face. 

Some General tips for natural skincare for teenage skin


Try to avoid makeup in your daily routine. But if you have a party function then a light base and blush, mascara and lipstick will be enough to attend a party. Don’t even use eyeliner. The excess makeup requires a lot of care while removing. And as a teen, it becomes a little bit difficult to manage. So try to avoid it.

▸Blow pimples from hand

As a teenager getting a pimple is not a big deal. Don’t blow the pimples with your hand. The main reasons for acne scars and blemishes are blown-up pimples with your hand. So bacteria attacks on the pimple place and can cause different types of rashes. If you have a pimple then just a toothpaste on it. It really gives comfort.


Always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. 

▸Junk food

As a teenager, it is very pleasing to eat fast food. Girls and boys love to eat junk food like pizza burgers, fried food, and desserts. This is one of the biggest causes to get pimples on the face. Yes, you can eat once a week but making a routine of it is so bad.


Exfoliation is very necessary for skin. As I told you earlier it helps to remove dead cells from the skin but as a teenager don’t use a company-made exfoliator. 

Use 1 tbsp sugar 

1 tbsp of almond or olive oil

! tbsp of coconut oil and blend them well.

It will help you to eliminate black and whiteheads, dullness, and redness from your face.


Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips in all of these. Apply vaseline or lip balm regularly on your lips.

▸Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are the part of the body that faces the sun, dirt, and impurities. You don’t need to go to the spa or no need to have a manicure and pedicure. Just exfoliating your hands and feet is enough.


What steps a 13 year girl should follow?

1.Face wash/Cleanser

Is skincare routine for teenage is necessary?

Skincare routine is necessary for every age of man and woman. Because taking care of your skin is everyone’s responsibility. Every age skincare routine has its steps to be followed. We cannot follow steps of 30 years skincare routine in teenage.

What are some habits that are making me look older?

There are some habits if you will not adopt you will look older then your age
1. Wear not sunscreen. As i said sunscreen protects you from UV rays of sun that destroys your collagen fiber which is responsible for your skin tightness. If collagen fiber destroys then your skin will face sagginess, fine lines and wrinkles.
2. If you do not follow a proper skincare routine according to your age than you could face aging concerns.
3. If you smoke then leave smoking because cigarette makes your lips dark and smokers always end up with lines above and below their lips.

Is toner is ok for teenager?

Yes toning is a part of skincare routine for teenager but do not use a company product for toning specially in teenage. In teenage our skin is sensitive and company made toner may contains some harsh substances that could irritate your skin. So use DIY for toning.

Should I use moisturizer every day?

Using a moisturizer is a very essential part of skincare routine. You cannot skip any of these steps without recommendation of dermatologist. Because moisturizers keep you skin hydrated and moisturized and prevent your skin from outer damage like dirt and bacteria.


Affordable skincare routine 30s

➪What happens if you are in your 30s?

If you are in your 30s or near about 30 then you should know about an affordable skincare routine 30s that could keep your skin healthy, smooth, fresh, and soft. After 30 a lot of changes take place in the human skin and if the care of the skin is not taken properly then you will look older than your age. The purpose of this blog is only the awareness that how you can take care of your skin with a proper and affordable skincare routine 30s.

Affordable skincare routine 30s

Everyone has a top priority to take care of his/her skin nowadays and it must be. Because the skin is the only thing that has a direct impact on personality. As age ups, a person also faces some changes in the skin. If anybody does not care about skin then he/she gets older before time. You may see the film stars look young even at the age of 50 or 60s. This is all because they take care of their skin and they have proper skincare routines for every age. 

 You have used products and followed a lot of methods to get perfect skin. You will find many blogs in which you have found many skincare routines for the 30s but the specialty of this blog is I will tell you affordable skincare for 30s. There is not only a single product that is sponsored.

Why we need affordable skincare routine 30s?

All routine changes as you go up like the 40s,50s,60s. All skincare routines are not the same because it depends on skin type and age. As age up, your skin may face some issues like collagen loss, an increase in fine lines, and wrinkles. A person can also have dullness on his face due to a decrease in cell turnover because the skin does not make new cells rapidly as they die. 

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear substance that is naturally produced by our body. The largest amount of it is present in our skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Its main function is to maintain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.

⥤ Cell turn over period

As we grow the cell turn over period increases. You can also see in under mentioned table.

AgeCell Turnover Cycle
Before the early 20s14 to 21 days
The 20s to 30s28 days
The 40s45 to 60 days
50 years+60-90 days
Cell turnover table

  Our skin not only changes with the season but also with age. Maybe in the 20s, you have dry skin and in your 30s you have oily skin.

So our face may have a tired look, pigmentation, or sagging of skin. Our skin is now different from the 20s. We have to use the right products according to skin condition. Things that were previously taken away will no longer be taken away.

Signs of aging

If you go to the dermatologist and say hey doc please check me whether I am facing anti-aging or not, so the doctor sees the following things in your face.

Affordable skincare routine 30s

Hollow under-eyes dark circle appearance

Prominently Smile lines also known as marionette line 

Prominent Frown lines 

Loosing of jaw and neckline

You may not face all these things when you will be 30 but in the mid-thirty or the late thirties, you may face them.


Concerns of the 30s.

When you are in your twenties or a teenager you have no worries about anything. Instead, it is a golden part of life. But as you cross 28 and enter into the 30s some problems also enter your life. According to a new study, they could affect you sooner than you guess. Recent studies indicate that some disorders are connected with older age like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. And skin problem is one of them. You could face these types of issues when you entered middle age. So it’s time to start an affordable skincare routine 30s.


Your skin may become dry as you enter into your 30s. It is because your skin is not producing hyaluronic acid as much as you needed. So we need products that contain hyaluronic acid that can fill our gaps.  In most cases, dryness happens due to cold weather or low moisture in the air. But at the age of 30 dryness could happen due to the low production of hyaluronic acid.  

Saggy skin

Saggy skin also means that loose skin (dheeli dheeli). You can also face sagginess due to loss of collagen and loss of elasticity. This is mainly due to the UV rays of the sun. The most common parts of the body where you can see sagginess eyelids, jowls, chin, throat, and upper arms.It is an important to step in an Affordable skincare routine 30s


Dullness is a result when your skin cell turnover starts to slow down. In the thirties, we might notice that our skin starts to look a little duller. One of the easiest ways to get rid of dullness is just to exfoliate your skin. The amount of exfoliating depends on how much dullness you are experiencing.There are two easy methods to exfoliate.

1 Physical exfoliation

2 Chemical exfoliation

Hyperpigmentation and Melasma 

Hyperpigmentation means the darkening of any skin area by the overproduction of hormones called melanin. People having dark spots on the butterfly area of the face is called melasma. This happens often to ladies after giving birth to a child.

Redness and sensitivity

This is the rarest concern at age of 30. But if you face it then you can use some recommended product or you can go to a dermatologist. 

Now before I recommend any product let me tell you one thing. If you have an oily face then you will use a different product and if you get dry skin then you are recommended to use a different product.

Daytime routine

In a daytime routine, you have to follow some of the important steps that would help your skin to keep it young and free from all aging concerns.







As you grow older and hopefully wiser the first thing we notice that our skin starts getting dry. It gets more difficult for that person who has already battled with excessively oily skin in teens and twenties. So the first step of an affordable skincare routine for the 30s is selecting the right fash wash.

Oily skin

If a person contains oily skin then face wash contains Salicylic acid is recommended. This face wash is better for your oily skin.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal To Oily Skin 

Affordable skincare routine 30s

There is no other better choice for oily skin than this. This face cleanser cleans and gets rid of excess moisture from the skin. The quality of this cleanser is it doesn’t extract essential oil from the skin that could cause your skin to become dry. It is best to use in day and nighttime routine. This is the recommendation of almost all dermatologists. It is a hypoallergenic cleanser that won’t clog your pores and will make your skin refreshed and healthy.

Dry skin

If anybody got dry skin then he/she should use hyaluronic acid or glycerin-based face wash. If you are facing dry skin then it is recommended

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  

Affordable skincare routine 30s

The good thing about Cetaphil products is they are effective and not irritating. so it is recommended for dry skin. Its amazing hydrating, non-irritating, and fragrance-free properties make it a best seller cleanser. It doesn’t clog pores after using it. Many people don’t like soapy foam because sometimes they create irritation or make skin extra dry so they should use a soap-free cleanser like this. It also maintains the ph level of the skin. Its amazing formula gently locks the moisture within the skin.

➮Dull Skin

If anybody has dullness on his/her skin then use glycolic acid-based face wash. It is better to use it for dull skin

Loreal Paris Skincare

Affordable skincare routine 30s

Loreal is selected for your dull skin because it contains glycolic acid. As glycolic acid is so small in molecular size they go deep into the skin and strengthen the collagen fibers in the skin. They also break the bond of dead cells and help them to get away from the skin. In that way, your skin looks radiant and bright. It is a daily scrub cleanser that will make your skin bright through exfoliation. It will exfoliate all dead cells, impurities, dirt, and grime from the skin and will make your skin smooth and soft. To get better results from Loreal Paris use it in the day and nighttime routines.


The tone is a particularly most important step in routine for aging skin. With time our pore gets more visible. So toner makes the best balance of skin after cleansing. It also hydrates the skin and maintains ph level of your skin. Every toner is not good but for the skin. A good quality toner contains fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and should have a hydrating agent. It also removed dirt from the skin that was left from cleansing by going deep into the skin.

➮ For Oily skin use

Tea tree

Affordable skincare routine 30s

It is a miracle for combination and oily skin. It is the best purifying toner that will make your skin fresh looking and it is suitable for oily skin. It is used after a cleanser. The residues of dirt which were left from the cleanser could clog your pores, it will take them all and make your skin cool, fresh, and shiny. It also removes unevenness from the skin.

Dry Skin

It is better not to use a toner for dry skin because Toner often contains alcohol that could make your skin even drier.

Sensitive skin


Affordable skincare routine 30s

It provides calmness to the skin by hydrating it and by maintaining ph levels. It is nonirritating to the skin because it is made by blended plant extracts that are suitable for sensitive skin. This formula enhances faster absorption and hydration into the skin. it could also be an alternative to the serum if they applied multiple times with bare times.

Combo and normal skin

For normal or combo skin you can use any good toner according to your choice or you can use any above of them.


Except for all these Serum is also an important step in an affordable skincare routine 30s. Serums reply penetrate the skin and make your skin glowing, fresh, spotless, and brighten. They mostly address skin issues like dullness dryness etc. Serums improve collagen levels and increase elasticity. They keep your skin hydrated and fresh. They save sav the skin from sun damage and make your skin young and spotless. so always choose a serum according to your skin.

➮ Dry skin

If you have Dry skin then you can use hyaluronic acid, vitamin E based serums like

Loreal Paris Skincare

Affordable skincare routine 30s

The intensive hydrating power of this serum gives hydration, moisturization and provides a dewy glow to the skin. The formula of this serum is a  combination of low-molecular and high-molecular-weight for multi-depth hydration, due to which you will get instant relief from dryness. Usage of this serum for one week will show the best results. Dermatologists recommend this serum because they are suitable for every skin like dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

➮Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin use glycerin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E based serums like

La Roche-Posay Pure Retinol Face

Affordable skincare routine 30s

This serum is formulated with Retinol, Vitamin B3, and Glycerin. This makes the serum lightweight that helps to reduce wrinkles and protect from sun damage. Apply 3 to 4 drops of this facial serum in the evening to the face and neck. Use it alone and always add a moisturizer and SPF to your skincare routine for the 30s when using this product.

For premature skin aging use niacinamide, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid based serums.


Choosing the right moisturizer is also a very important step in an Affordable skincare routine 30s.  Even if you have oily skin you will apply moisturizer. The moisturizer has two functions: first, it acts as a protective layer and stops the useful oil in your skin from coming outward and second is it acts as a barrier for dirt to come inside the skin. Persons who have dry skin should use paraffin or glycerin-based moisturizer.

Here is a best moisturizer that you could use

Neutrogena hydro boost Gel


This is the product of the most famous brand Neutrogena. It is recommended as the best product for home use to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. It also provides long-lasting moisture to your extra dry skin. The hyaluronic acid present in it helps to keep your skin moisturized, smooth and hydrated for a long time.

 Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by our body, is found on the skin and this gel also contains hyaluronic acid that helps your skin to stay hydrated. By applying this gel Hyaluronic acid in gel attracts more moisture and secures it gently.


Now we come toward sunscreen because the skincare routine is incomplete without sunscreen. Because it works as a protection for your skin. Sun damage is responsible for about 80 percent of signs of aging. Uv radiation penetrates deeply into the skin and damage collagen fiber. No matter what you have applied for skincare but if you don’t apply sunscreen all the other products will not be more effective. The shiny and hard rays of the sun are extremely dangerous for the skin because they contain UV radiation. So apply sunscreen before you step out or even if you are at home.

➮ oily skin

If you have oily skin then apply gel or water-based sunscreen like

Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield

Affordable skincare routine 30s

This SPF cream helps to protect the skin from sun damage and hyaluronic acids present in it help to moisturize the skin. The efficiency of this cream increase with the presence of hyaluronic acid because it boosts the efficiency to lock the moisture within the skin. The best thing about this is it is suitable for all types of skin and can be wear under or after makeup. This product could be a companion for your affordable skincare routine for 30s. It not only protects you from the sun but also from surrounding pollutants.

Dry skin

Hyaluronic acid sunscreen is best for dry skin like

Blue Lizard Face Mineral-Based

Affordable skincare routine 30s

 This is non-comedogenic sunscreen that can be used as a daily product. It contains a lightweight water-gel formula that will not clog your pores. It performs double-duty first it protects the skin from sun damage and second is it nourishes the skin and hydrates it through the hyaluronic present in it. It is fragrance-free and it doesn’t contain any paraben material. It makes it perfect to use for sensitive and dry skin.

➮ Vitamin C-based sunscreen is recommended for dull skin. 

Nighttime routine

The nighttime routine also has the same importance in affordable skincare routine for 30 as a morning routine. The morning routine also has some steps which should be followed properly. 



Neck Cream

Under eye



Now, this cleansing is the same as morning cleansing with except few things. If you do makeup regularly then u would know better. In night cleansing you have to remove makeup that you had done in the morning. Because if you sleep with this makeup you have done injustice with your skin. If you’ll not makeup it will block your skin pores most makeup is made of oily substances, when it will stay overnight, it will clog your pores and lead to the appearance of acne and blackhead breakouts. Makeup residue and the substances that make your makeup can also cause many skin imperfections when left for a long time.

So at night use a cleanser which you had used in the morning. You can also exfoliate at night time. You can exfoliate 2to3 times a week. In the remaining days, you can just simply clean your face with regular face wash. Don’t overload your skin with exfoliation.


If you Have a little bit of pigmentation and anti-aging concern and you have not got a proper timeline or wrinkles then on Monday Wednesday Friday you can use retinol-based creams and serums and on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday you can use AHA BHA OR PHA.

Aha alpha hydraulic acid like glycolic acid for a glow for mature skin fine line wrinkles.

BHA like salicylic acid for oily skin or blackheads whiteheads and open pores. 

PHA poly hydroxy acid is just an old method but still is in use and it is for sensitive skin.

PHA is for sensitive skin and you can use it twice a week if you have more wrinkles concern then use retinol-based four times a week and aha BHA twice a week.

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Affordable skincare routine 30s

It rescues your skin with AHA BHA PHA within 30days. It is considered a Miracle Toner. It gives relief to your skin without any irritation. It is the best exfoliator for everyday use.

Neck cream

The most important part of the skin in which again concern looks cleaner like the face is the neck. The skin of the face and neck is different so you can’t use some cream. There are separate creams of vitamin C and E for fine lines and wrinkles which you can apply to the neck.

 Day and Night Cream

Affordable skincare routine 30s

It could be said the best gift for your skin. This is a daily dose for your skin because it helps to remove wrinkles from your neck skin. It easily absorbs into the skin and provides better results within one week. It is for all types of skin. Its formula is clinically approved and dermatologist recommended. It could also be used as under eye cream.


Under-eye skin is very sensitive skin on your face. A lot of changes happen in the under-eye during the 30s like fine line wrinkles sagging so according to this there are separate creams available in the market. You can’t use the same cream for your face and eye area. Because face creams often contain strong ingredients that could irritate or damage eye tissue. Please spend a little bit enough money and get eye cream separately. it is also an important step in Affordable skincare routine 30s

➮ For under-eye pigmentation use vitamin k and vitamin C based creams

➮ For fine line and wrinkles hyaluronic acid and retinol-based creams   

Under-eye bags caffeine-based creams

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Wrinkle

Affordable skincare routine 30s

It is the best clinically proven formula for under bags, wrinkles, and for aging concerns. This eye cream contains Glucose Complex, a Retinol SA booster, that increases the strength of the skin so that it could overcome the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip balm

 In all these things we often forget the lips. Lips are also an important part of the face. So don’t forget to moisturize your lips in the affordable skincare care routines 30s.


Except for all these steps, supplements also have an importance in affordable skincare routine 30s. Astaxanthin, glutathione, vitamin C zinc biotin collagen fish oil, and omega 3 are some supplements that you can take if you can afford them. But no supplement should be taken for a long time. If you want to take supplements then take 2 months in a year. If any supplement is taken for a long time it could produce side effects for the skin. You will see the difference by doing all this. Dullness, unevenness, fine lines, and wrinkles will not happen again.

➪Physical treatments

But if you have more skin concerns then don’t rely on products and supplements you can go to a dermatologist. There is a lot of skin treatment like medi-facial hydra facial oxi facial anti agent lasers for pigmentation filler injections and much much more.

Thank you for reading this article till end!!!

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

I have a relative whose skin is extremely oily. They have followed many skincare routine for oily skin but couldn’t find a suitable solution. I thought there would be more people like the uncle who would have oily skin. So today is the blog for those people that are more concerned about their oily skin.

 When you have oily skin you are not just dealing with excessive oil but there are a lot of problems that you have to deal with like clogged pores, thicker skin, and fewer wrinkles. But having a good and perfect skincare routine for oily skin will help you to tackle most of them.

This blog is all about people that have more oily skin and they get more pimples and acne from them. This will help you keep your skin healthy clear and shine-free. I have also written a blog post about the best non-comedogenic face moisturizers for oily skin. In this post, I have mentioned all the best face moisturizers which are most effective in the case of oily skin.

I believe in honesty and consumer power so you guys are consumers and you like the correct knowledge. If you follow the skincare routine for oily skin you’ll never deal with oiliness, acne blemishes skin bumps skin irritation or any kind of skin problems but you’ve got to follow this routine 100%. 

I have divided this routine into two parts according to dermatologists and skin specialists.

‣ Daycare routine

‣ Night care routine

Daycare routine

Our daycare routine consists of five steps which are very easy to be adopted. These are

• Cleansing

• Exfoliation

• Toner

• Moisturizer

• Sunscreen

• Lip Balm


The starting of clean, and healthy face starts with proper cleansing which we do daily. The first step is cleaning your face gently 2 to 3 times with face wash that contains either mandelic acid or cyclic acid. It takes away all the dust, dirt, and oil that have settled on your skin through the night.

 You should use a very gentle, non-foaming fragrance-free, and non-irritating cleansers like Cerave, La Roche-Posay and Bioré

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

Always make sure to use cold water to wash your face instead of hot water.

By doing so it will remove all excess oil from face and prevent you from acne and pimple. It will also prevents them from returning, with regular use.



One of the most important steps of any skincare routine for oily skin is Exfoliation. Exfoliating is a way to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin and it is one of the best step you can add to any skincare routine. It removes dead skin cells on the surface of your face’s brains.

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

There are two types of exfoliation.

• Physical 

• Chemical

 Both of these help improve skin texture and tone but choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference.

Exfoliants use abrasive but gentle ingredients. It is used to smooth and refine the skin. You could do this with a cleansing brush sponge or towel or with a facial scrub most facial scrubs contain ingredients like biodegradable microbeads or sugar.

Physical Exfoliation

We use either a soft pad, cloth, seeds or you can also use an Olay Facial Cleansing Brush to remove the dead skin cell. Everything has pros and cons. It has many advantages like

» You would get immediate results from physical exfoliation

» There are very low chances to get allergic reactions or irritations

» Reusable exfoliation tools are environmentally friendly and economical

But if we talk about its limitations or cons then we get

» It works on the uppermost layer only

» Scrubbing particles can be messy 

» Hard scrubbing can lead to damaged and over exfoliated skin

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliants use ingredients like folic acid, salicylic acid, or fruit enzymes to loosen up dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. You can find many different forms of chemical exfoliants to suit your preference like Peter Thomas. These include peel pads or liquid exfoliant sand peel masks that are probably the easiest method of exfoliation that you can add to your skincare routine for oily skin. If we talk about its advantages then 

» It works more evenly than a physical exfoliator

» Less prone to user error

» Ingredients often have secondary advantages

But if we talk about its cons then 

» It is slower to work

» Can cause photosensitivity

» Higher chance of unexpected allergic reactions


 Moisturising your skin is an integral part of your everyday skincare routine, even if you have an oily skin type. If you skip moisturizing your face and body, your skin will overcompensate for the lack of moisture by producing more oil.

Some people think that if you have oily skin you shouldn’t use moisturizer because it will make your skin more oily and greasy. But it is not the case it is really important to use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin.

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

 Moisturizers absorb better, clear your pores, and accelerate cell turnover. They help to maintain the moisture level and oil production in your skin. They give a hydrated look with a lightweight gel moisturizer that will hydrate your skin and keep it non-greasy all day long. 

   Don’t use a moisturizer that is not non-comedogenic. Always look for ingredients like vitamin E and Aileronic acid because  Vitamin E is a hero ingredient in eliminating dark circles. Get most of your moisturizer that contains the goodness of both these ingredients plus Glycerin. Glycerin keeps your skin soft and supple all day. You can also use Cetaphil moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. 



 The next step is to use toner. It is the most important skincare routine for oily skin as it helps to restore the ph level of your skin and control oil production. Toner not only tightens your pores but also helps them to look smaller and get off any impurities that you have on the surface of your skin.

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

It also refines your skin texture.  Always use water-based or Alcohol-free toner because alcohol will dry your skin and increase sebum production which is a big deal for oily skin. Just take some toner onto a cotton pad and swipe all around your face in an outward direction 

If you aren’t already using a toner on your skin, then you’re doing more harm to it than any good. So, if your skin is oily and it feels stretchy or itchy after washing, you need a toner. The antioxidants present in the toner will prep your skin by hydrating it and balancing out its pH levels.


So the final step of day time routine is to apply sunscreen. No matter what you do for your oily skin but if you skip sunscreen your products will not work properly if your skin is not protected from the sun.

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

It is a very misconception that sunscreen should only be applied when the day is sunny and if there is cold or cloudy weather then there is no need to apply sunscreen but is not correct. You will still apply if you are at home. Because there is UV radiation of the sun which is present in cloudy weather also. Neutrogena Ultra and EltaMD UV could be the best choice in sunscreen selection. So apply sunscreen 15 mint before you step out in an even layer. This sunscreen perfectly protects you from sun damage.

People with normal sun exposure can apply 30 SPF but with strong sun exposure, you can apply 50 to 60 SPF.

NOTE: The recommendation of the dermatologist is also necessary.


5.Lip balm

Lips are often left in all these things. So apply a good quality lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and hydrate and prevent them from being dry.

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021


Coming to the night skincare routine for oily skin is equally important because at night the skin renews and repairs itself. The night care routine also has some steps to follow.

» Remove makeup

» Cleansing

» Toner

» Exfoliation

» Sheet mask

» Serum

» Moisturizer or eye cream

» Lip balm

1.Remove makeup

Now in a nighttime skincare routine for oily skin, first of all, you have to get rid of makeup that you have done all day. I know you may feel lazy to take it off before you go to bed. But it is very necessary for a skincare routine to get rid of all the dirt sitting on your face at the end of the day. So use alcohol-free, micellar water on a cotton pad to remove stubborn makeup from your face without irritating the skin.


       Now the second step is to use a cleanser that you had used in your morning routine to wash all your dirt, oil, grime, and bacteria from your face.  Massage and do gentle motion concentrating on the T zone of your face for a few minutes and then wash your face.

What is T zone???

Skincare routine for oily skin|Best skincare tips 2021

One region which is your cheeks, the second region is your chin and your neck, and the third region is your forehead, and the area between your eyes is called your T area. 

Always apply in a circular motion. The reason that we applied this circular motion is to increase the blood flow and the rebuilding of cells also increases.  Thirdly it just helps clean off dirt a lot better if you’re just rubbing up and down it’s ending up damaging your skin that’s why you want to be gentle you don’t have to press too hard but be firm with your strokes.


 Cleansing relaxes the skin and opens the pores so it is important to apply toners to close your pores and tighten cell gaps. As you have read earlier that toner maintains the ph level of your skin and gives a glowing appearance.

Immediately after cleansing the face, soak a cotton pad in Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner. It has 5% glycolic acid which helps dissolve dead skin cells and any leftover dirt and oils on the skin after cleansing. The glycolic acid might slightly sting your skin if you have open acne so make sure to do a patch test first. Even though you have oily skin, this step is super important.


You can also do an exfoliation at night. Make sure to do exfoliation 2 to 3 time a week.

5.Sheet masks

Sheet masks are a part of the Korean beauty routine. Masks are made up of fabric or gel soaked in nutrients called serums. These serums are loaded with extracts, essential oils, and vitamins. When you apply sheet masks, the nutrients presented inside get absorbed deep inside your pores and hydrate them. Serums from the sheet masks provide all the necessary nourishment which your skin needs! They provide coolness, softness, and glow to your skin. Applying a sheet mask is no big deal. Just open it and apply it to your face for 15 to 20 minutes.



So the next step in the skincare routine for oily skin is using cream or serum at night. It is extremely important in your routine. If you don’t have one, you have to add it right now. It focuses on hydration and regeneration in your nighttime routine and this serum just does that. It increases the skin’s natural defense and refuses and refines its look. 

7.Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Keep your skin moisturized at night time also. It also helps the skin cells to regenerate.

8.Lip Balm

Moisturize your lips with a thick layer of lip balm and in the morning you will get soft and smooth lips.


Diet has a direct impact on your skin condition. Diet also plays an important part in the skincare routine for oily skin. Stay tuned you are what you eat, your skin is what you eat so it’s not just about applying creams and lotions if you have oily skin or if you have a lot of blackheads pimples that are really bothering you then you need to take care of your diet.


Drink Enough Water

 First of all, make sure you drink about two liters of water in a day. It takes all the bad substances out of the body which is good for your skin.

Use Fruits

You need a lot of antioxidants every day. You definitely like oranges or papaya which are really good for the skin. Berries, Strawberries, or raspberries are also a source of antioxidants.


It is also very important and useful for the skin because it is enriched with minerals that keep our skin hydrated and maintain our oil balance in the skin.

Coconut water

It is also very important and useful for the skin because it is enriched with minerals that keep our skin hydrated and maintain our oil balance in the skin.


The salad contains many vegetables like cucumber, lemon, and tomato that are enriched with minerals and vitamins that could be a major source to control oil production.


Avoid Sugar

You must avoid sugar in your diet as much as possible. Sugar or carbohydrates which are very high will cause something called glycation and that increases the oil secretion in the skin. It also causes aging. I’m sure you don’t want to age soon, so you must avoid all the chocolates, ice creams, and pastries, etc.

Avoid juices

You will be thinking that fruits are good but fruit juices should be avoided.WHY? Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and the use of fruits instead of fruit juices will get you a lot of fiber, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and folic acid. So stay away from juices and use fruits.

Avoid Milky products

 You have to avoid milky products if you have oily skin. You have to avoid cheese, chocolates, butter paneer anything that is made of milk except for yogurt. You know this is a savior but all the others will alter the hormones in your body and increase the oil secretion and increase the production of you know sebum which is responsible for pimples and acne.

Avoid oily products

If you are taking a skincare routine for oily skin seriously then you should also avoid oily products like pickles, fast food, etc.


Having an oily skin is not a big deal but a good care ,properly followed skincare routine of oily skin and a good diet can make your skin healthy and oil free.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Stay tuned with us to get more informative articles like this.

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Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

Nowadays it is very common to have pimples and acne on the face due to heavy pollution around us. Everyone wants a cream or moisturizer that keeps its face away from all these things. and most people want non-comedogenic face moisturizers for oily skin but before we get into it we must understand some of the terms which have been used in the article. But before I recommend you any product you should also know about the skincare routine.

What does a non-comedogenic product mean?

Before knowing the best products of non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin we must understand first what non-comedogenic products mean.

Non-comedogenic products mean products that do not block the skin pores of your face. You may also be wondering what would happen after the closure of skin pores??

The word comedo mentions clogged pores on the skin. The blockage of skin pores causes acne and pimple to develop on the skin.

What is acne-prone skin?

Often we make the mistake of thinking pimples and acne are the same. But these two things are different from each other. 

Acne is the broader term for pimples. When you have frequent pimples on one side of your face, they become acne. The bacterial infection in your pimple leads to acne.

This is because the sebaceous glands produce more sebum and collect them in one place. This usually appears in a big red hot pimple.

Non-comedogenic products are really better for acne-prone skin.

Why should we use non-comedogenic products?

Non-comedogenic products are better for acne-prone skin. They help to keep dry skin soft and gentle and oily skin acne-free. 

By the way, they may not completely prevent acne but it helps to remove bacteria that cause pore blockage, from your skin. Non-comedogenic products also help to remove excess oil and dead cells from the skin.  

Some important factors are included in products.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is the essential ingredient in skincare products. It keeps your skin moisturized, smooth and soft. It is also used for some other factors such as the dark and uneven complexion of your skin. This acid is also used for the renewal of the skin cells. It is also helpful in the removal of wrinkles and dark spots on your faces.


You will see paraben-free products. This question might come to your mind about what is paraben. Is this good or bad for the skin? Paraben is the ingredient that is added to products to increase their lifetime. And in most cases, paraben ingredients have side effects on the user. Paraben-free products mean that chemical ingredients which could harm the skin, are not included.

Reneura technology

Reneura technology is a boost to the effectiveness of beauty and skincare products.


A dermatologist is a specialized doctor about nails, skins, and hair. They also pay attention to skin appearance and nail appearance.


Exfoliation is the process through which your old and upper layer of skin is removed gently and a new layer of skin appears from beneath.

             How to find the best moisturizer?

Finding the best face moisturizers that suit your skin is also a success. Because choosing the best moisturizer keeps you away from wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes. 

It also keeps your face moisturized, protects you from the hard and shiny rays and UV radiations of the sun.

There are hundreds of moisturizers present in the market. Now it is difficult to choose the best one for the skin. 

To determine which is the best moisturizer you should look at the ingredients of moisturizers. For example, always choose face moisturizers that contain only natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, sorbitol, Phytessence Wakame, Grapeseed, and Avocado oil.

The benefits of choosing moisturizers containing natural ingredients are as follow.

• They can penetrate easily into your skin 

• They don’t have any side effect like allergy

• They contain special substances such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory molecules, and vitamins.

When selecting the non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin, selection of scent in a moisturizer is also important. Because beauty is not all about looking better it is also to feel better. Face moisturizer helps to keep your face nourish and protect your face from other diseases. For this purpose, we have selected some of the non-comedogenic face moisturizers for oily skin.

★彡 ⱠIS₮ 彡★

👉Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrates skin all day long, fragrance-free

👉Proactiv Green Tea use for oily skin, acne ,and dryness

👉Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream Reneura technology

👉Cerave Moisturizing cream Anti-allergic

👉AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion Remove pore appearance, contains lactic acid

👉Eucerin Original Healing Cream for sensitive, oily and dry skin

👉Bio-Oil Skincare Body contains natural ingredients also

👉Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion also suitable for allergic skin

👉Proactiv Acne Cleanser perfect for teens and adults

👉Olay Regenerist Retinol  gives a result in overnight

👉 ACURE Incredibly Clear Charcoal⇀ it is vegan and cruelty free

1.Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

Neutrogena hydro boost Gel is the product of the most famous brand Neutrogena. It is recommended as the best product for home use to moisturize your skin. Neutrogena hydro boost Gel provides long-lasting moisture to your extra dry skin. It’s hyaluronic acid helps to keep your skin moisturized, smooth and hydrated for a long time.

 Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by our body, is found on the skin and this gel also contains hyaluronic acid which helps your skin to stay hydrated. By applying this gel Hyaluronic acid in gel attracts more moisture and secures it.

As we see its qualities then, it is fragrance-free. You will not face anything odorous feeling after applying this. And further, this gel provides long-lasting moisture to your dry skin.

If you don’t like oily moisturizers then it is recommended. It is an oil-free product. It is a recommended product from the dermatologist.

2.Proactiv Green Tea

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

You don’t want such a product that clogs your pores and then hydrates the skin. Proactiv Green Tea is specially designed for moisturizing acne-prone skin. This is the best source to make your skin smooth, healthy, and radiant. It helps your dry skin to be hydrated without blocking your pores. 

If you are in search of a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer then you can go for it. Proactive green tea moisturizer is enriched in minerals and has a great ability to absorb moisture from the environment.

It is a non-greasy moisturizer for female’s doze that can be applied alone and before makeup. It is a non-sticky residue that can make your face up. It can be said to be the best non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin.

It can turn up your face from the tired and dull condition into a feeling fresh state. It can be said Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin.

3.Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

If you want to remove any type of dark spot and dullness from your skin then it can be helpful to you.

This cream makes your face skin moisturized without leaving a sticky feeling on it. This cream is tested by dermatologists and is a non-comedogenic product. You will also find it paraben-free. It is good for all types of skins. It is free from all types of mineral oils.

This product is made under highly advanced Reneura technology. It is specially designed for dry skin and its main purpose is to prevent the dullness of skin and it also protects from the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

4.Cerave Moisturizing cream

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

If you want 24 hrs smooth skin, enriched with hydration then You can go for it. Its amazing formula will keep your skin soft and smooth without making it oily, sticky, or greasy.

Cerave is the brand that works for making amazing beauty products like that. It uses different technologies like MVE with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to make your skin hydrated all day long.

 Do you know why your skin looks dry? It looks dry and flaky due to the deficiency of ceramides. And these products fulfill the need for ceramides in your skin.

Cerave moisturizing cream develops under the supervision of a dermatologist so it is very helpful in skin problems like acne-prone, dryness, and oily skin.

This face cream is a paraben-free, non-comedogenic and odorless, and anti-allergic product so a customer can use it without any hesitation.

5.AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

If you’ve been here, you will find the non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin.

Lactic acid is especially used to improve skin appearance &  used to brighten the face. It is also useful to remove pore appearance.

This lotion contains 12% lactic acid which helps the skin to improve rough dry skin on all parts of the body. Its deeply affected formula keeps the skin softer, moisturized, and smoother.  It gives a new life to your skin by gentle exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process in which your old rough and a rough layer of skin scaled off and you got a new fresh skin layer.

If we talked about the recommendation of this product then it is the number one recommendation from a dermatologist. It helps to make your skin hydrated and moisturized and helps to lock moisture.

By the daily use of this lotion, you can get moisturized, healthy, smooth, and soft skin.This product is also gluten-free which makes it safer for skin use.

6.Eucerin Original Healing Cream

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

It is also a product of the most famous brand Eucerin which was developed in 1902, has made hundreds of skincare products which has made innovations in the skincare industry. All of these products are recommended by dermatologists.

It is highly recommended for the most sensitive and extremely dry skin. The formula of the cream contains an intensive moisture barrier that binds the water and helps the dry skin to moisturize. Helpful in healing without irritating the skin makes it the best non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin.

This product is also non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. This product is originally made in Mexico.

7.Bio-Oil Skincare Body

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

This unique product can stop the regular development of dry skin from its easily absorbing formula. Its natural oils and minerals help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The uneven texture of the skin can also be treated with bio-oil. 

The best thing about this product is it is a clinically and dermatologist-approved product that helps repair skin damage and scars from pregnancy, surgery, injury, acne,  and many other skin issues. The results of this cream will be shown in just 2 days.

The fast absorption in the skin and its non-comedogenic properties also make it able to stand in the list of best non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin. It has the 7th best seller rank in beauty and personal care products.

8.Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

If you are in search of lotion that is suitable for every type of skin then here it is.

   Its target is especially dry skin. Cetaphil moisturizing lotion is specially built for everyday use, and it helps to hydrate your skin on a daily basis. Many types of natural ingredients, six types of moisturizers, and vitamins like vitamin E and b5 make it able to be used for skin softness and smoothness.

It is a fast-absorbing moisturizer lotion that gives a better look to your skin all day long. It is also a non-greasy product if you like non-greasy products then you can go for it.

Skin is instantly renewed from this moisturizer and the formula works deep to completely revive the skin’s naturally through the moisture barrier in one week, leaving your skin looking and feeling nourished and fresh.

Clinically approved and dermatologist recommended products are good for users. Properties like non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and fragrance-free add to its features. It can be suitable for allergic skin.

9.Proactiv Acne Cleanser

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

Everyone wants something more than a simple moisturizer and cream and lotion. Let me tell you to want powerful solutions for acne, pimples, wrinkles, and skin irritation. And with this, it also hydrates your face skin with the help of hyaluronic acid. Its powerful formula makes your face healthy and fresh.

Proactive Cleanser is made for all types of skin. Teens and adults are using this Proactiv cleanser to make their skin glorious soft and smoother.

According to the company which has started this product, this is specially designed for acne-prone skin. It is the best solution to stop your acne on the skin and its effects deep into your pores and kills bacteria and prevents new breakouts. With the help of Benzoyl peroxide, it penetrates into pores and exfoliates dead cells also.

This product is Dermatologist tested also.

10.Olay Regenerist Retinol 

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

This moisturizer is ideal for skin types like Oily, Combination, Dry and  Normal skins. It offers the hydrating ability into the skin with the help of Vitamin B3 and retinol complex. Its chemically proven formula will give you a good result overnight.

Its vitamin B3 and retinol complex moisturizes the skin without any skin irritation. The dermatologist suggests using it at night before sleep. On wake-up, you will get brighter and smoother skin.

This cream is also fragrance-free.

11.ACURE Incredibly Clear Charcoal

Non-comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin

It is a mixture of high quality ingredients that are combined together to create a perfect combination for oily skin. This product is aided by some super nutrients that make it paraben free, sulphate free, mineral oil free, patroleum free and in last vegan and cruelty free.

If you don’t know about vegan and cruelty free product so let me tell you that the product which is prepared by without any ingredients that are taken from animal are called cruelty or vegan product. It has a super moisturizing formula that leaves zero oil residue on your face. It is an affordable, organic/vegan face moisturizer make it best non comedogenic face moisturizer for oily skin.


If you have an oily or acne prone skin then you should go for non comedogenic products like cerave, proactive or neutrogena moisturizer. These won’t clog your pores and will gives an hydrating look with make them over greasy or oily. These all the products has super rating on Amazon that make them best for oily skin.

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