Does traveling affect your period? If Yes then why

Does traveling affect your period? If Yes then why

Does traveling affect your period?

Every year many people travels from one point to another. Even if it is from one city to another city, from one country to another country, or from one continent to another continent.

Among these people, there are several ladies. Ladies made more trips than men. They make short commute trips and more non-work trips.

Employed married women demonstrate more variability in their day-to-day trip frequencies than employed married men. This traveling causes them several types of problems related to their health issues. Disturbance of periods or menstrual cycle is one of them.

Is Traveling a fun?

Vacations are great, but travel isn’t all fun. Traveling causes your body a tremendous amount of stress. A missed flight, lost luggage, or navigating your way around a foreign environment can all add to the stress level of travel.

When it comes to traveling, sometimes the only thing that is more terrible than a delayed plane is the delayed period that you were expecting. So in this situation, most ladies tend to panic. They go to a drug store and buy a lot of pregnancy test equipments and many more. So we are going to tell you various points that you should know.

How stress effects on the body

To know how your menstrual cycle works. For this, we have to rely on science and doctors.

Reproductive Endocrinologist, Chief medical officer, and MD at extending fertility, Doctor Joshua U Klein explains

Ultimate control of your menstrual cycle lies with the hormones secreted by hypothalamus and pituitary gland, essentially your brain”.

Any disturbance to your physical or emotional health, which contains stress, lack of sleep, and changes in diet, can affect hormone balance and lead to irregular or absent menstrual periods.

Proper hormone balance is necessary for ovulation to occur, meaning a disruption can affect the system and cause your period to skip a beat.

While many hormones are involved in the control of your menstrual cycle, two important ones are known to be directly connected to travel and stress—cortisol and melatonin.

Travel often goes with stress, explained Dr. Klein, and this can cause cortisol (the primary stress hormone) levels to fluctuate. When the levels of two hormones in your body change, your ovulation schedule can also change.

The result? A period that might show up ahead or later than expected.

What causes stress

We underestimate the impact of stress that can have on our bodies and periods. Anything that throws your body out of its normal routine can cause you stress.

Therefore, it has the potential to alter your menstrual regularity. But it’s not all bad stress, it could be reasonable stress, also known as Eustress, such as being excessively excited about your holidays. Weight fluctuations and changes in your diet can also cause changes in your menstrual cycle. Another Doctor Christine Greves explained that

“if you are taking birth control pills and you’re not taking them at the same time when you’re in another time zone, this can mess up your cycle too.”

Does traveling affect your period?

Does traveling affect your period
Does traveling affect your period

If your period does go late while you’re on vacation, don’t panic. According to experts, this is very common. But if your menstrual cycle is postponed a few weeks and there is a chance that you could be pregnant, it is good to take a pregnancy test.

On the other side, if your period has been normal in the past and there is no chance that you could be pregnant, the irregularity is more likely due to the hormonal changes experienced during travel. If that’s the case, experts suggest you consult with your doctor if you skip more than two cycles once you’re back at home.

Thankfully, there are various ways to help you to maintain and regulate your periods while traveling. Women who take birth control pills should take them at the same time as they do at home. Maintaining regular sleeping, healthy eating habits, exercising, and staying hydrated are all ways to help keep your cycle normal once you get to your destination.

Enjoy your vacations

When you are on your vacation in another region. Your schedule must change to fit the changing environment.

You’re most likely going to try new foods, stay up late, sleep for longer periods, or not exercise at set scheduled intervals. And while we’re supposed to let go easily and lose. But when we travel, our menstrual cycle is figuring out what’s going on out there and it might act up to change your body schedule.

“With travel comes changes in common habits, such as diet, sleep, hydration, or exercise. All of which influence menstruation,” said Dr. Dweck.

Some people can’t get used to the changing environment. They can get sick from the germs of sneezing and coughing fellow passengers or even get ill from the high altitude.

They are exposed to different types of bacteria and viruses than their body is used to. They are trying new food and drinking different water. In this situation, their periods can be off the chart because their body is working hard to fight the illness.

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