How do travel agents get paid

How do travel agents get paid
How do travel agents get paid

For many people being a travel agent is a very fascinating job to do. This is not a very exorbitant job but a rocking lifestyle.

Where you can experience many fascinating things around the world. And amaze people by telling your experience to them. On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

When people see the fabulous and beautiful photos and videos of a traveling agent. They dream about becoming a traveling agent and traveling around the globe gaining many beautiful experiences.

Here are some questions that will appear in your mind. Questions like these often bother us. Especially when you are considering becoming a travel agent. Your mind must be going back and forth between these questions. Honestly, these questions and concerns are the true chains at your feet

  • Where do travel agents get their pay from?
  • How do they earn money?
  • What is their employment criterion?
  • What are their earnings streams?
  • What to focus on to earn generously?

Even though what you see on social media, being a travel agent isn’t always delightful. As incredible as it is to go around the world, you also have to keep in contact with clients 24/7 all year no matter what the time. And technically anyone can work in this field, but only those who are determined and well organized, will succeed.

Are traveling agents employed or not?

Travel agents can work as an employee for a travel agency or can also work as self-employed.

Either way, travel agents make money by booking necessities of travel – such as aircraft tickets, cars, or hotel rooms – for a client or group. You’re not paid until the last payment.

Travel agents earn money if they work for big travel agencies by salary. People can’t believe travel agencies are even still functioning around.

Travel agencies may also compensate their workers with an additional commission or extra pay, based on how much business the travel agent secured.

Self-employed travel agents make money mostly by earning commissions or by charging fees for planning services.

With the ease of the internet, you’d think that the travel business would be rolling away from using travel agents or travel agencies.

But many travelers find the plethora of choices and time to inquire about those choices overwhelming. And this brings out the advantages of using a travel agency or travel agents. That’s why the travel business is still thriving.

Types of Travel Agent

Travel agents work in 2 different types of environments and they can make money from home or an office.

Home-Based Travel Agents

They are self-employed. Or have a broker who will find them clients.

Online Travel Agents

They work for online travel agencies. They have to work online or have a really wide communication network. So that they can find a potential client’s on the online platform.


They work for large agencies. The client will contact the agency and the agency will deploy them

How do travel agents get paid

How do travel agents get paid

When thinking about how a traveling agent can make revenue, the first thing that rings the bell is by booking the flight tickets.

But in this blog, we will expand your view, the things that can be sold by a traveling agent as a professional. There are endless possibilities for anything you want to sell in the market, same for the traveling agent and you can make a handsome revenue by this.

A travel agent not only just has one earnings source. Travel agents have multiple earning streams. The most fascinating part of being a travel agent is the fact that you can earn from each of your work deeds, by satisfying just one client.

Imagine having multiple such clients that you have to serve. While being a travel agent isn’t an easy career; it involves commitment, administration, and a great level of responsibility; it all pays off in the end.

It is worth the effort when you have the potential to handle it adequately.

Traveling agent’s ways of making money

Now we are going to tell you the tips on where you can ask for money from your client or for what your clients are going to pay for.

1.Service Fees

A travel agent earns money by charging payments for different elements of travel.

Scheduling, booking, getting the paperwork of documents done, arranging transport from one point to another, ensuring other facilities, using connections to make the procedure smoother, and outlining a detailed plan, are some of the essential tasks travel agents have to do for their clients.

These require a lot of hard work. Not to mention the responsibility travel agents have to keep the clients comfortable and pleased. All of these services have their charges.

Travel agents are paid for the comfort and satisfaction of their clients.This alone can be a considerable amount, but you can still earn more by offering a greater variety of services.

Agents can also function as travel guides, informing customers of popular destinations/places or great deals/sales on trips.

For this assistance, an agent can charge a consultation fee for trip planning.

2.Mode of Travel

It’s not all Airlines, Trains, and Automobiles all the times. Some people may want to use a bicycle or motorbike from one place to another.

It can also be a houseboat down a river or a ride on a ferry. The agents take care of the details, get the client to the destination, and set up the adventure for them so they can enjoy it without any problems.

3.Vacation Packages

People who go for a vacation don’t want any kinda hassle. Entertainment travel should just be like no worries no headaches.

This is why vacation travel packages such as entire resorts are so famous.As people like their wedding to be many times more beautiful and memorable. They like to wed at scenic view places such as resorts or beaches And go on a honeymoon at different beautiful places.

Especially on the honeymoon, nobody wants all the hassle. The destination wedding and honeymoon travel agents have gained in popularity. A whole vacation package with airfare, lodging, and rental cars is included in the price.

4.Specialized Travel

An agency or agent may formulate a tour for a certain event, such as the soccer world cup or Olympics. Or, the travel may be to a certain type of people, such as disabled Veterans or old persons.

Specialized travel can also be arranged for specific groups, such as business tours for an organization.Organizing corporate travel can give steady income.

Make corporate travel smooth, and be responsive to any inconveniences, and your importance will build. Many in the travel business gain initial experience by making inroads here, which helps them expand their business greatly.

5.Premium Listings

Travel companies pay, to have their cruise lines or destination lodging advertised on a travel agency website.

Other travel companies that pay for premium listings include rental car companies and airlines. If you suggest them to your clients, the traveling agency or company will pay you for your recommendations.

6 .Tours

Tours/trip operators develop incredible trips. They organize the best plan for the clients. The client appreciates them for their best efforts in organizing a great tour for them.

They act as a secretary for them doing their tour planning.

7.Airline Tickets

There’s a job called an Airline Consolidator. The consolidator often searches airlines to find the lowest-priced ticket for travelers. The consolidators work with both international and domestic air travel.

They manage a good ticket in the client’s budget. Thus, if the travel agency or agent charges a flat fee, the traveler’s result is still a lower-priced ticket. On the internet, several applications help you with this kind of job.

8. Car Rental

Most tourists like you travel by public transportation but there are always exceptions. Some travelers like more comfort. Many rental car companies offer commissions to travel agents.

An agent can earn a 7~8% commission, or a $25-40 flat fee for making bookings with car rental companies.

9.Cruise Incentives

The cruise, given the huge number of passengers required to fill a ship, may offer travel agents a great commission or bonus based on many rooms booked by clients.

A common commission rate is about 12% of the full tickets for cruises.But an enormous part of the customers’ bills are the taxes paid.

For example, for cruise berth bookings which cost $3,000, $500 of that may be taxes. When booking cruises, agents only earn a commission on the percentage of the cost that is untaxed.

10 Commissions

Before the 1990s, a huge quantity of travel agent earnings used to come by earning commissions on booked tickets with airlines and bookings in hotels.

But now by using the internet it became easy for a traveler to book flights or hotels, and the days of earning big commissions for airline tickets and lodging decreased.

Travel agents’ commissions were the majority of their income but that has dwindled. Most travel agents who receive commission booking tickets on airlines earn 5% on domestic flights and earn around about 15% on global flights.

When you’re an agent working for a travel agency you typically have a base salary and a commission split from the commission received from the client. This can vary from agency to agency and also depends on your level of experience and knowledge.

If you’ve gathered enough customers, you can serve as an independent agent, which implies you work for yourself but remain connected with your host agency.

As an independent agent, you lose the salary but get to keep your commission without sharing it with the agency.

11.Travel Insurance

When traveling you are prone to accidents. These accidents can even be fatal. So many traveling agents offer traveling insurance for their clients.

Selling this traveling insurance is an enormous piece of revenue that a travel agent can reap. You earn big commissions on selling this type of insurance.

Yes, it’s a bit of a dirty money maker but also a useful service to provide to tourists.

12.Custom itineraries

Mass trips like cruises, or group bus tours aren’t for everyone. When clients want a custom itinerary, it is kinda difficult for the travel agent. Custom itineraries are more difficult to plan so the travel agents charge extra fees.

Agents call custom travel plans, the FIT trip(flexible independent travel). Many customers want to travel all around the world. But they don’t want the traditional bus tour.

They want to hike in Spain at Camino de Santiago. They want to go birdwatching on the Isle of May, in Scotland. Or they want to go swimming at Natural Plunge Pools in Colombia.

You just have to stick to one of these wealthy clients and you got your piece of money with some Great reputation in your business.

Difference between travel Agent and Travel Consultant

Most travelers don’t know the necessities of a tour. They don’t have any knowledge regarding good transportation, necessary documentation, and even good hotels.

Here you can step in and behave as a consultant or advisor for them. You can provide all the information to them as your services they need.You can tell them about the favorable places according to weather, climate, timings, security, political upheavals, expenditure etcetera.

Keeping their preferences and intentions in mind should be important. While in the past, travel agents mainly helped in booking lodgings, but a tripadvisor helps provide a client with a wider picture of their trip.

An advisor tells the client if he wants to do something then where he should consider booking, lodging, and traveling.This can earn you from some extra bucks to a hefty sum.

The money you procure from this service all depends upon your market value and your client’s pockets. You may charge from tens of bucks to thousands of bucks.

Maximization of payment

To increase payment travel agents have to rely on different types of hacks for your job.


The travel agency is becoming (both corporate and leisure) less dependent on commissions. Because commissions from airlines and other vendors are lower than in the past.

So the solution is, travel agencies are diminishing commissions and diversifying their income, and beginning to charge fees. This helped travel agents to start not relying on vendor commissions.

2.Sell Add ons

Add-ons are paid commissions, so these are beneficial to agents revenue. They make their reputation higher.

These add ons especially travel insurance is a good boom. And also this can make your client feel safer as also seek to sell “side tours” with hotel bookings and museum tickets many more.

3.Work for a Corporation

It’s not only a great way to make healthy money. It’s a great way to bolster your reputation.Focusing on corporate travel, for your travel business, is another option.

Instead of booking entertainment travel, some travel agents will only work with corporate clients. Working with cooperatives can be very beneficial because they will become your main client and they will come to you continuously if you serve them well.

Booking corporate travel mostly includes booking flights, lodging, and cars but since you know that the quantity is bigger, you can produce great revenue.

4.Make Arrangements for Group Travel

Scheduling group tours as a travel agent is a popular money source because of the large number of tourists at one time. A lot of travel agents have specialized ze in group travel whether that is family reunions, destination weddings, honeymoons, or hobby travel.

For example, a travel agent might book 20 cabins on a cruise and work on filling each cabin. They might focus on an event that would help to motivate many people to book a cruise at the same time.

That way, the agent reaps a commission on many cabins instead of 1 when a tourist books a one-off trip.

The possibilities are truly vast when it comes to group travel which brings us to our next way of making revenue.

5.Niche trips

Another outstanding income source for travel agents is to organize a niche so that they can create group trips, or join it when a traveler is looking for a special travel experience.

Many agents deal with two types of business at the same time on one side where they will sell voyages to anywhere in the world but also have a branch that is special to a niche.

Some other Travel Niches

Even though there are many different types of niche travel options, here are a few to give you an idea of what a niche can look like

Surprise Travel

This has been growing popularity among many travelers. Surprise Travel is when a travel agent books a whole trip for someone but the traveler doesn’t know where they have to go until the previous day or when they get to the airport.

Sports Travel

An agent might rent a bus and find many people who are eager to travel to a sports game and book hotels, and transportation for the group.

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

If you can manage weddings and honeymoons this is a great option for you. As people like their wedding to be many times more beautiful and memorable.

They like to wed at scenic view places such as resorts or beaches and go on a honeymoon at different beautiful places. The destination wedding and honeymoon travel agents have gained in popularity.

A whole vacation package with airfare, lodging, and rental cars is included in the price.


Many families and dating couples like to go to Disney worlds. As you all know Disney World has lots of human traffic. So a trip to Disney world can be unpleasant.

Especially if you’re in a big group. Many agents focus on Disney world experiences and these agents have vast knowledge about these places.

They know all the pros and cons of each park and can help adjust your trip to fit your family’s needs.

Above are just a few varieties but there are so many niches to travel to and many that haven’t even been mentioned.

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