How to get shoes to stop smelling

Do your shoes smell and make you embarrassed in front of your peers? Here I have come with some handy solutions for you. I will tell you how to get shoes to stop smelling.

With the coming of summer and rising temperature, our beautiful and favorite boots to stylish and dazzling sneakers are getting stinky from bacteria, fungi, sweat, and moisture from many places, injuries and skin problems are some common causes of our smelly shoes.

In summer most people go sockless but with this, the dampness kicks in more aggressively in the presence of your sweat. That gives the fungi and bacteria a good environment to grow and live in. These things can make you visit a doctor more often and make you spend lots of money on them so here I come to you with some handy dandy solutions for your smelling shoes.

1.Wash them with detergent

How to get shoes to stop smelling
How to get shoes to stop smelling

For washing friendly shoes there is nothing better than to give them a good and deep wash with some cold water mixed with detergent and after that apply some deodorant and disinfectant to make them look cleaner and smell good.

For leather shoes, you can use a leather cleaner to make them clean. And then give them a good time in the dry air to get rid of the dampness because this dampness is a disaster itself. For some shoes, this is not possible because the material that are they crafted from is not washer friendly.

2.Use of talcum or baby powder

How to get shoes to stop smelling

As your feet produce sweat in the summer. The moisturizer in the shoes kicks in. This makes the shoes damp with your sweat which makes them stinky and can also produce some skin diseases in the presence of other bacteria and fungi so the use of talcum and baby powder lowers the moisturizer on your skin and the chances of skin complications(fungal infection i.e).

So when wearing your shoes, apply some talcum powder or baby powder to your feet, and especially don’t forget in between your fingers and toes. The use of some powder on your feet will prove helpful to make your feet clean of moisturizer. Some companies even produce disinfectant powder for daily use. You may use that to get rid of the germ’s at your feet.

3.Use of black tea bags and salt

How to get shoes to stop smelling
How to get shoes to stop smelling

Shoes infected with various bacteria can cause your beautiful feet to be very concerning. Especially when wearing them sockless. Because when going sockless then there is a high chance of bacterial or fungal infection at your feet especially between your toes. For this, there is a cheap approach for you.

The use of black tea bags and salt can make the chance of infection low. For use of tea bags, put them in hot water for 2 to 3 minutes and then place them in your shoes. Let them rest in your shoes for 24-hours. The use of salt is easier and more convenient. Just sprinkle it in your shoes in a great amount so that it can kill the bacteria. because salt is a natural disinfectant of bacteria.

4.Baking soda and essential oil

How to get shoes to stop smelling

The best thing everybody likes is the home remedies. Because they let you solve your problems conveniently without spending much in the store. So, to get rid of the smell from shoes there is absolutely something easy for you in your house.

Just sprinkle some drops of essential oil on your shoes. This makes the foul odor of the shoes lessen. The use of baking soda is more splendid. Baking soda absorbs moisture from the environment. You just have to use 2 spoons of baking soda.

Just pack it in your old socks and put them in your shoes to make them odorless. In the case of leather shoes the baking soda can make them extra dry and make their lifespan short so please be careful.

If your shoes are white and now they are not so you can read my blog there.

5.Freezing and use of charcoal

How to get shoes to stop smelling

The odor can also be eliminated with the use of charcoal in a special way or by freezing your shoes in the freezer. For the freezing method, put your shoes in a sealable plastic bag and let them rest in the freezer for 24-hours.

This will kill the bacteria in shoes and make them odorless. Or use the charcoal to absorb harmful substances such as bacteria, fungi, and moisturizer from your shoes. To use charcoal also put in your old pair of shoes and then put them in the shoes. They will absorb the moisture and kill the infections present in your shoes.

Smelly shoes are a problem that can be quite embarrassing in your day-to-day life. Try these up-given methods to get rid of the smell of your shoes. They are my best trump cards when dealing with my shoe problems. But if you can’t, then treat yourself to a new pair of shoes because that’s the best for you now infections.

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