How To Make Cheap Perfume Last Longer | 10 Expert Tips

How To Make Cheap Perfume Last Longer
How To Make Cheap Perfume Last Longer

Perfume is a need of every person who cares and thinks about his/herself. Somebody buys expensive and luxury perfumes but some people like teenagers and students can only afford low-budget or cheap perfume due to a shortage of money.

Every person wants to make his/her perfume to stay last longer. But for every perfume, it is not possible, because cheap and expensive perfume has a lot of difference. So is there any way a cheap perfume could smell last longer? In this article, we’ll discuss how to make cheap perfume last longer.

How To Make Cheap Perfume Last Longer

By following these tips you will find that your longevity of your is increased to some extent.

1. Right scent:

First and foremost, make sure you’re using the right scent for your skin type. Some scents are lighter and will last longer on delicate skin and warm weather, while heavier scents are more suited for cold weather. So while choosing a perfume be conscious, what type of perfume are you choosing.

2. Take shower:

To make your perfume last longer apply it after the shower or bath. But make sure, your body is dry otherwise your perfume will evaporate more fastly.

3. Body Points:

Now that’s important, apply perfume to the right points on your body. Experts have told some of the main points of the body that helps to increase in longevity and sillage of perfume.

The first point is the pulse point. Apply some sprays on pulse points because they are considered warmer points of the body and help to spread the perfume more evenly and better.

There are also some points like the neck, behind the ears and knees, ankles, and on the belly button.

4. Distance:

Always spray by keeping the bottle 5 to 6 inches away from the skin. It will prevent the formation of a large drop.

5. Don’t Spray on Clothes:

Often people also spray perfume or deodorant on their clothes. This will leave stains on clothes and perfume dry out very quickly without leaving any noticeable fragrance. So always apply perfume on specific parts of the body for longer sillage and projection.

6. Over Apply:

More perfume more it will stay. It is a common misconception, applying more perfume can cause headaches, and nauseous to you and make the surrounding people uneasy. So always apply moderate quantity.

If you feel your perfume smell is faded you can apply it again. You can apply perfume 1 to 3 times a day.

7. Use Of petroleum jelly:

The use of petroleum jelly or Vaseline can also help you to maintain the fragrance of perfume for a long time. So apply little jelly before spraying.

8. Hairs:

In all of these, we forget about our hairs. Hairs are also the part of the body that can hold the scent of perfume for a long time. But apply perfume only on washed and clean hair. Don’t apply too much perfume to your hair because alcohol can make your hair dry and damaged.

9. Apply Moisturizer:

Always apply moisturizer or some sort of lotion or cream before applying perfume. Perfume stays longer on moisturized skin.

10 : Shake it Well

If you’re using a cologne that has alcohol in it, make sure to shake it well before you use it. This will help disperse the scent more evenly and prolong its lifespan.”,”excerpt”:”

Finally, use PerfumeAqua Refreshing Mist to keep your perfume smelling great all day long. This mist locks in essential oils and refreshes your scent without watering it down or leaving a residue. Just mist it on yourself or your partner before you go out – perfumes last up to four hours when sprayed with Perfume Aqua Refreshing Mist.

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