How To Make Perfume Out Of Vanilla Extract – In 3 Simple Ingredients & Steps

How To Make Perfume Out Of Vanilla Extract
How To Make Perfume Out Of Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is frequently used in the kitchen to add natural flavor and amazing aroma to various dishes, especially desserts, but it also tends to be used in natural medicine. But have you ever thought how to make perfume out of Vanilla Extract. We are thankful for its great properties but today you can take advantage of all of its benefits by learning how to make natural vanilla perfume at home.

The exquisite and great aroma of Vanilla makes you full of energy the moment when you smell it. It also makes your mood significantly improve because it helps soothe anxiety.

Vanilla-based fragrances are recommended for people who have depression problems. Vanilla scented perfume helps you rest easier because it has a sedative effect and it also helps you prevent insomnia which causes stress.

You should also keep in mind that it can be a huge help in keeping mosquitoes away from you because it is an excellent natural repellent.

How To Make Perfume Out Of Vanilla Extract

Before creating good Vanilla perfume we need some ingredients


  • A bowl with a glass cover
  • Container or a Bottle Sprayer
  • A coffee filter
  • 70 proof alcohol
  • Four to Five Vanilla beans
  • 20 drops of jojoba or sweet almond oil


This vanilla-based perfume is very simple.

The first step is to open the vanilla bends halfway then scrape out the paste that is inside and put it in a glass container. You can also use the beans that are left over. Cut them into very small pieces.

Soak the Beans

Next, pour enough alcohol into the container so that the beans are completely covered. Close the container and leave it in a warm and dry place for approximately six weeks. During this period you should take the lid off once a week and stir it well. After it covers it again.

Strain the mixture

When six weeks have gone, uncover it and strain it by using one or two coffee filters. When the mixture is completely strained you can put it in the perfume container and add a few drops of oil.

Mix them All

Choosing the oil also allows the perfume to last longer on your skin. You should keep the perfume in a cool and dry place.

It can last up to several months but after which the fragrance will go away little by little. So you should try to use it before four months have passed, so will you try to make your vanilla perfume.

What type of Vanilla flavor I should buy?

Most people use Vanilla flavor in their day-to-day life. People use them for cooking, and baking purposes. So if you have vanilla extract at home then no worries but if you don’t grab a bottle of Vanilla flavor from near any grocery stores.

Can I directly apply Vanilla on Body as a perfume?

Yes, you can apply Vanilla directly to your body. Drop little drops of Vanilla on your body and dab it. Always apply perfume or scent on warmer areas of your body like your pulses and neck.

Why do we use Alcohol in scent?

Alcohol helps the scent to remain for a long time. It is a natural preserver. Many people also use rum or vodka in place of Alcohol.

What are the disadvantages of self-made perfume?

Once you have made a self-made perfume, you would see consequences in few weeks. First, you’ll see your perfume is changing its color and smell day by last, and the last perfume will completely change its fragrance into a bad smell. After it was created with unprofessional hands and tools. It is not to make you demotivating but to tell you the reality and truth.

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