How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

How to make shoes more comfortable for standing
How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

It is an undeniable fact that a good pair of shoes can make you look more attractive and fitting on an occasion. Uncomfortable shoes can make a good day into hell. In no time, wearing uncomfortable shoes can lead to several types of complicated conditions. Like cuts, bruises, blisters, ankle pain, calve pain, hip joint pain, or back pain.

Imagine a person working in an office where he has to follow a strict dress code schedule and he has to wear uncomfortable shoes even if he doesn’t want but because it’s the company’s requirement. He can not take off his shoes in the office because that’s embarrassing in front of all your colleagues.

On the other hand, a person working in a store as a shopkeeper. He has to stand all day to greet the customers and to service or while arranging the products on the shelves. He has to stand most of the day.

In this situation, a comfy pair of shoes is the best medicine for them. To make your different styles shoes more comfortable than before we have various tips and tricks for you to rely on.

High heels

High heels are desired by many women (or even some). They give you a fair share of trouble even in the past and even at present too. Maybe they become comfortable in the future but before that make a compromise with them using tips and tricks.

How to make shoes more comfortable for standing
How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

1.Comfy insert pads

By making the bed of your heels more bouncy, soft, and squishy can alleviate the stress considerably. For this purpose, the insert pads are available in the market. The gel inserts you find in the market are a good choice to make heels more comfortable. Instead of store-bought gel inserts, you can also use Maxi pads. This can’t be used for sandals or slip-ons.

2.Scrub the outsole

Scrubbing your new heels outsole with sandpaper is not good-looking but scrubbing it with sandpaper will make the grip of your heels on one granite or tile flooring a bit more good. This helps you to lower the risk of slipping a bit less and relax your taunted nerves.

3.Role of tape

With tape, you can tape the 3rd and 4th toes together. This will give good support on your feet and also alleviate the stress that a single toe is facing. You can use nude color medical tape or even the daily used scotch tape or washing tape.


In my opinion, sandals are the most comfortable. but there is always an exception, sandal straps can make cuts and blisters. Flip-flops sometimes can cause calluses and calve pain. Slip- with higher heels can also cause unrest.

How to make shoes more comfortable for standing

1.Post to guard your toes

When using flip flops the most common problem is chafing of the skin between your toes. This can be a very unpleasant experience. Toe guard posts can relieve you from this condition. This handy craft can be bought on Amazon or at a drugstore at a cheap price.

2.Make them grippy

Tension and pain in the calves and arches can be majorly caused by minor slips or fishtailing in the sandals that don’t have back straps. To get rid of this type of problem you can use grippy pad inserts. This will give a steadier grip on your sandals.

3. Strap them up

Blisters and other unpleasant problems of skin that arise with the constant friction of straps with your skin is a very unbearable experience. It’s like your feet are yelling at you to ease them up. Silicon straps are a very good option. It comes with a single-sided adhesive. You can just place them inside of sandals that are causing harm. For this purpose, you can use tape but that is a separate problem because it wears off easily.

4.Pinky protection

In the market, there are types of sandals that can force you to cut off or amputate your pinky toe. They push your pinky toe to extreme limits of compression that cause the pinky to be in worse condition than your other toes. For this, you can use rubber toe caps or medical tape to cover them up. The rubber cap looks weird but is super comfy. It protects your toes from hyper-compression.

5.Soak them up

Sandals are made so that you can mold them to your own feet. They are mostly pure leather, not so glittery or anything. To mold them as the shape of your own feet. You have to simply wear them and soak them for 15 minutes in the warm water. As they get fully soaked then let them dry in cool air. After this activity gives them a good treatment with high-quality leather cream and sealer.

Closed flats/Ballet flats

The flats are the most purchased footwear in the market. Because you can almost wear them anywhere and anytime. But there is always an exception because there is no arch support, they are too flat. And more often they smell very foul if worn for long intervals.

How to make shoes more comfortable for standing


Flats that are fully covered over your arches are mostly very tight. And they pinch very often. So you have to stretch them out by a professional cobbler or by yourself.

In the market, there are many gadgets for this purpose but there are always home hacks. You can fill two polythene bags with water and put them in your shoes where they are congested and put them in the freezer overnight. As ice forms, water will expand. This can stretch out your shoes.

2.Extra insert

A few extra shoes can prove very irritating. Because after wearing them for a while they loosen up a bit and that little extra got more extra. For this use an extra insert. It may be even thinner than the existing one.

3.Customized insole

Because flats don’t give you any arch support so you should have a customized insole for your flat shoes. This is very much suggested if you have lower back pain constantly.


When wearing ballet flats, the most victimized area of your feet will be the back of your feet and pinky-toe. To protect them use thick plasters or use medical tape in these areas.

Work boots/Hiking boots

Very often people throw their expensive work boots/hiking boots. Because they are going to be used in workplaces and for heavy-duty hiking or so. They are made of tough material. So by default, they are not very comfy.

1.Insole fitting

Because you are going to walk and stand all day you should buy well-fitted shoes. For your workplace boots, you should have a customized insole that will make your shoes more comfortable for you. To fit your shoes fully buy your shoes at noon or in the afternoon. Because at that time your feet are fully swollen.

2.Pull up the socks

When working, use thick socks or double them up. This will provide extra comfort. Don’t wear loose socks. They will do more chafing and have more blisters on your feet. Cause you more discomfort than comfort.

Finals words

These are all the tips and tricks to how to make shoes more comfortable for standing. If you have any doubt or suggestions please comment down. If you have a white shoes and and you are confused to wear under which dress so read this blog.

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