How to make white shoes white again?

How to make white shoes white again
How to make white shoes white again

Do you like white shoes? Most people do because they look good with most of the outfits. But the problem is they became dirty quickly. Your boots were pure white when you bought them. But now unfortunately they have turned into yellow or pale yellow.

White cotton shoes attract more dirt and stains than any shoes. You don’t want to wear them because they look awkward. But there are several ways you can try at home and can get the whiteness of your shoes back.

How do white shoes become so dirty?

After daily use, we don’t give much attention to our white shoes. We should clean our shoes with a wet cloth. Because white color attracts more dirt than any other color.

So do daily treatment with your shoes and secondly when you buy white shoes then also apply some water treatment on it.

How to make white shoes white again?

There are several ways that are mentioned which you can try at home.

Does toothpaste make your shoes white?

How to make white shoes white again?

Toothpaste not only whiten your teeth but can also whiten your shoes. But remember don’t use colored toothpaste just take white gel toothpaste.

Take your old toothbrush, apply it to all the areas, and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that wipe it with any cloth and repeat the procedure if necessary. Now wear your tidy shoes on any occasion or use them formally.

 Do baking soda and vinegar work?

How to make white shoes white again?
How to make white shoes white again?

Yes, vinegar and baking soda are universal cleansers. Take a bowl with water take 1 spoonful of hot water 1 tbsp of vinegar and 1 tbsp of baking soda.

Mix them well until they form like a paste. Apply it to all the shoes and rest them for a few hours. They didn’t work so fast so don’t take the stress. And also don’t leave your shoes in the sunlight. Dry them in a shadow.

Bleaching is it a good option or not?

Most people suggest using bleach for cleaning your shoes. But it is not a very good option. If you applied more bleach then your shoes will permanently be changed to yellow color.

So after taking bleach dilute it with water and apply. 1 part bleach and 5 parts water would be enough. You can also use a cleaning kit for your shoes.

What if only the edges of the shoes have stains?

If the edges of the white shoes become dirty then take a makeup remover and apply it with soft cotton. Now you have a shiny and clean edge. If you don’t have makeup remover then? Then you can use micellar water and toilet tissue paper.

What if we don’t have any of these items?

You can also wash your shoes with normal detergent. Take nail brush, detergent, and water. Soak your shoe with water and apply detergent. Then run it with a nail brush. When all the stains remove then wash them with fresh water and placed them under the sunlight.


Thanks to lemon for its properties. Lemon removes the smell from your shoes and also hard stains from leather.

What about machine washing?

If you don’t want to do enough exercise for cleaning your shoes simply add detergent and water to the washing machine and let them clean by the machine way. But it can damage your leather skin. So be gentle while washing into the washing machine.

Stain remover products

Tons of stain remover products are available in online and offline markets. You can use a shoe Protection kit for yourself and get rid of all these hacks and DIYs. Birkenstock is the best caretaker kit for your shoes.

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