Natural skincare for teenage skin

How would you know what are the best tips for natural skincare for teenage skin?

In childhood, the cycle of cell turnover happens rapidly but as we grow it begins to slow down. You can see it below.

AgeCell Turnover Cycle
Before the early 20s14 to 21 days
The 20s to 30s28 days
The 40s45 to 60 days
50 years+60-90 days
cell turnover cycle table

With all these, collagen that is responsible for your skin tightness also decreases with age and time. As we step into teenage Lots of hormonal changes also take place. Our skin produces excessive oil which causes more specks of dirt.

●Why does a teenager need to read it?

In this blog, I will tell you the best tips for natural skincare for teenage skin that will change your skincare game forever. I would encourage you to start following even if you are in your teenage years, but if you’ve already hit your 20s and if you’re in your late 20s then you have to follow these skincare habits. Because they take your skincare game to another level. I’m not saying that skincare has to be like the core purpose of your life but you have to be a little bit more conscious about your skincare habits and how you’re taking care of your skin. You will see a lot of changes after applying in just a few days. 

Natural skincare for teenage skin

●Important note

You may have read many blogs in which you are being recommended for various products but I will not recommend any product that harms you. Because a teenager’s skin is more sensitive than an adult one so any of those can cause irritation or some other side effects on your skin. And you will be told useful tips that will really help your skin. Teenager budgets are often very tight so these will help you a lot.

●Common problems for teenagers

When boys or especially girls get into a teenage period they do not understand how to take care of their skin. There is no one to tell them. What steps or products are really important for their skin. So whoever tells them or whatever comes in their mind they just apply without thinking. Actually, it’s not their mistake, they are just too little to know what is right or what is wrong.

Natural skincare for teenage skin

The most common problem for teenagers are pimples, black heads, or whiteheads. Most of the problems are caused by food. But there are some physical methods for natural skincare for teenage skin, which will help eliminate them.

You have to follow this tip whatever age you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens if you’re in your late 20s or 30s,40s, or 50s. You have to have enough water. Just consciously drink enough water and then once you start doing it your body automatically starts feeling thirsty. It really helps the body to get rid of extra heat and immoral substances that cause pimples and other problems.

We have divided natural skincare for teenage skin into two routines

Daily routine

1.Daytime routine

2.Nighttime routine

Weekly Routine

Daily routine

Daytime routine

The most important steps of natural skincare for teenager skin are performed during day time. So daytime routine is the most important part of natural skincare for teenage skin. Here the steps for daytime routine.

•Face wash or cleanser




•Lip balm

➊Face wash or Cleanser

Apply fash wash or cleanser because they are both the same things. You can use any of them. Apply a light face wash-like Cerave on your face for 1 minute with plain water. And don’t wash your face more than once a day. Always do a double cleansing because the amount of junk or makeup particles that were left will also be washed away.

 If you cannot afford any face wash then I would recommend some DIY as a face wash. I know you are a teenager because once upon a time we were teenagers too.

Natural skincare for teenage skin
Dry SkinAcne-prone/oilySensitive
1 tbsp honey1 tbsp honey1 tbsp honey on your face 
1 tbsp milk1 tbsp yogurt _
Blend well and apply for 1 minBlend well and apply for 1 minApply for 1 min
DIY of face wash

After a gentle massage with them, your face will glow and the pimples will disappear in some days.


Natural skincare for teenage skin

As a teenager, it is not recommended to use a store-bought toner because they contain some harsh substance that could irritate your skin. There are some DIY for toning. You can use micellar water as a toner. Apply a little on a cotton pad and scrub your face with it. If micellar water doesn’t suit you then take it.

▸ 2 tbsp Aloevera or apple cider vinegar & 2 tbsp water

And apply it and don’t wash your face after using it.


There is a lot of emphasis on this in every routine. Applying moisturizer is necessary for every routine at every age. So don’t forget to apply moisturizers in your teenage years. Some teenagers think that they already have oily skin so they don’t need to apply moisturizers but this is wrong. Your skin is producing a lot of oil because your skin needs it. When your skin cells will get moisturized by moisturizer then your glands will also produce some less sebum or oil. You can use some good moisturizer. My recommendation is Olay Regenerist. If you can’t afford then here are some DIY

You can use almond or olive oil as a moisturizer

▸1 tbsp aloe vera 

▸1 tbsp almond oil

▸1 capsule vitamin C

Now your super homemade moisturizer is ready for any time use.


 Always wear sunscreen even while you’re indoors. Sunscreen protects your skin from so much damage that you will not see instantly. But the damage will just keep on happening over the years and you will age a lot faster. Dermatologists (skin doctors) strongly emphasize using sunscreen whether it is cold or hot.

Natural skincare for teenage skin

 At night it is ok not to use sunscreen but when there is sun then you have to apply sunscreen. We are emphasizing sunscreen because UV rays damage so much face skin by damaging collagen fiber. Collagen fiber is responsible for face skin tightening. Once your collagen starts to damage your skin becomes saggy (dheeli dheeli). Here is the sunscreen recommendation Ulta sunscreen.


▸2 tbsp Aloe vera gel  (it acts as a natural sunscreen protect our skin from the sun)

▸1 tbsp Olive oil  (contain SPF 8)

Blend well and apply.

Lip balm

In protecting our face skin we often forget our lips. We also have to take care of them. You can use any vaseline for your face or any lip balm that you like.

Nighttime routine

Nighttime skincare is the same as the morning skincare routine. A nighttime routine is also important in natural skincare for teenage skin.

 The cleanser or face wash applied in the daytime now in nighttime skincare will be applied as the same. Same in the case of tonner, moisturizer, and lip balm. But one thing which you have applied in the morning will not be applied here. Yes, it is sunscreen. We had applied sunscreen due to the sun in the morning. Now the sunscreen step is omitted from this routine. 

Weekly routine

The weekly routine is also important in natural skincare for teenage skin. Some people tell this routine to do daily but in my opinion, these methods are for mature skin and if you are in your teens then it is better to do once a week. If you really think this is very important to you then you can apply it twice a week. 


Natural skincare for teenage skin

Exfoliation is a very important step in a mature skincare routine. But in the teenage, it is important but not as important as the rest of the steps. If you don’t know about exfoliation then let me tell you exfoliation is a process in which dead cells of your skin are removed from your skin. It is also a quite important step at this age. It will take your skin to another level. You can use a chemical exfoliator for your skin like peter Thomas. It is for all types of skin. If you can’t afford it then I am here to solve it.

For Exfoliation 

Take dry ingredients

•Rice flour • Gram flour • Ground oats grinded •Grind almond 

Dry SkinOily skinNormal or combinationSensitive skin
2 tbsp milk1 tbsp yogurt1 tbsp honeyuse honey only
1 tbsp of any dry ingredientsame same_
DIY of Exfoliation.


This is not a step to be missed. In natural skincare for teenage skin routine, it is also very essential. It is considered the fastest method to make your skin healthy and supple in few minutes. It keeps us hydrated and moisturizes our dry skin. It also refines large pores and improves our skin texture by absorbing excess oil and dirt. Its amazing formula helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps brighten up dark spots and improve the look of breakout. After applying the mask leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then remove it. Here you get very clean, soft, and dirt-free skin. Celavi essence face mask.

Here are some best DIY for a facial face mask.

Oily skinDry skin
1 tbsp Multani mitti1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice1 tbsp aloe vera gel
DYI of face mask

Leave it on your until it becomes completely dry. After washing you will find the glowing face. 

Some General tips for natural skincare for teenage skin


Try to avoid makeup in your daily routine. But if you have a party function then a light base and blush, mascara and lipstick will be enough to attend a party. Don’t even use eyeliner. The excess makeup requires a lot of care while removing. And as a teen, it becomes a little bit difficult to manage. So try to avoid it.

▸Blow pimples from hand

As a teenager getting a pimple is not a big deal. Don’t blow the pimples with your hand. The main reasons for acne scars and blemishes are blown-up pimples with your hand. So bacteria attacks on the pimple place and can cause different types of rashes. If you have a pimple then just a toothpaste on it. It really gives comfort.


Always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. 

▸Junk food

As a teenager, it is very pleasing to eat fast food. Girls and boys love to eat junk food like pizza burgers, fried food, and desserts. This is one of the biggest causes to get pimples on the face. Yes, you can eat once a week but making a routine of it is so bad.


Exfoliation is very necessary for skin. As I told you earlier it helps to remove dead cells from the skin but as a teenager don’t use a company-made exfoliator. 

Use 1 tbsp sugar 

1 tbsp of almond or olive oil

! tbsp of coconut oil and blend them well.

It will help you to eliminate black and whiteheads, dullness, and redness from your face.


Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips in all of these. Apply vaseline or lip balm regularly on your lips.

▸Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are the part of the body that faces the sun, dirt, and impurities. You don’t need to go to the spa or no need to have a manicure and pedicure. Just exfoliating your hands and feet is enough.


What steps a 13 year girl should follow?

1.Face wash/Cleanser

Is skincare routine for teenage is necessary?

Skincare routine is necessary for every age of man and woman. Because taking care of your skin is everyone’s responsibility. Every age skincare routine has its steps to be followed. We cannot follow steps of 30 years skincare routine in teenage.

What are some habits that are making me look older?

There are some habits if you will not adopt you will look older then your age
1. Wear not sunscreen. As i said sunscreen protects you from UV rays of sun that destroys your collagen fiber which is responsible for your skin tightness. If collagen fiber destroys then your skin will face sagginess, fine lines and wrinkles.
2. If you do not follow a proper skincare routine according to your age than you could face aging concerns.
3. If you smoke then leave smoking because cigarette makes your lips dark and smokers always end up with lines above and below their lips.

Is toner is ok for teenager?

Yes toning is a part of skincare routine for teenager but do not use a company product for toning specially in teenage. In teenage our skin is sensitive and company made toner may contains some harsh substances that could irritate your skin. So use DIY for toning.

Should I use moisturizer every day?

Using a moisturizer is a very essential part of skincare routine. You cannot skip any of these steps without recommendation of dermatologist. Because moisturizers keep you skin hydrated and moisturized and prevent your skin from outer damage like dirt and bacteria.


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