What is Bomber Jacket | Ultimate Guide

What is Bomber Jacket | Ultimate Guide
what is bomber jacket?

What is bomber jacket? A quite simple and frequently asked question. Bomber jackets are little puffy jackets that make your look stylish with a front zipper and with four functional pockets.

Today the cold has increased so much that we want to look fantastic and stylish with our outwear. There is a jacket that will make your look more stylish especially if you’re in 20 to 25 this jacket is best for you and that jacket is called the bomber jacket.



Bomber jackets are made of synthetic, nylon, satin, and polyester. But the famous ones are suede and satin etc.



Bomber jackets have an extremely rich history that goes back over 100 years. Today they’re rooted in our day-to-day fashion but they didn’t start that way before. They were worn as streetwear.

The bomber jacket was used as a functional heavy-duty garment for pilots. In the 20th-century bomber jackets have gone from being a practical garment to a fashion-forward statement. Its origins begin during world war I when aviation was still in its early stages. Most cockpits were not enclosed or sealed properly and leaving the pilot open to cold air while flying. It was the French and Belgium royal flying corps who first donned the thick flying jackets.

what is bomber jacket

A2 circa 1932

In 1915 the jackets were made of leather as it was believed to be the most reliable material to combat severe flying conditions.

Once the United States heard about these practical jackets they started the aviation clothing board. In 1917 they created a proper uniform for pilots to wear.

THE A2 CIRCA 1932   was released and became one of the most well-known styles released by the US army. The jackets were lined with fleece. The pilot’s warm and occluded front pockets, elasticated sleeves and a high collar additional fur was added, as planes could now reach much higher altitudes and in turn, colder temperatures.

THE B-15 CIRCA 1944 this jacket still included a fur collar and front pockets but it was made of cotton and had leather straps to hold oxygen masks in place. Innovation was needed and it came in the form of the MA -1 CIRCA 1958.

After world war 2 nylon became the material of choice for flight apparel as it weighted very little and was resistant to water mildew and insects. Since aviation had greatly improved fur collar because it was no longer a necessity to combat.

what is bomber jacket
what is bomber jacket?

  MA1 is one of the most replicated styles of bombers and is still worn frequently today because of its slim design and lightweight fabric. As the 1960s came it allowed the bomber jacket to enter civilian life.

MA1 was mass-produced in markets across North America Europe and Asia and even grew into a huge trend in Japan. In  England, subcultures began to experiment with the bomber jacket skinheads and adopted the style as a rougher-looking version of the lighter Herrington jacket worn by their mod counterparts.

NASA’s astronauts often wore jackets during ground training with the NASA logo located on either the chest or the shoulder. Astronauts became the new celebrities. Kennedy himself also had his own bomber jacket that reinforced his young look in the country known for his sense of style. THE G-1 CIRCA 1938 he would often wear his beloved navy g-1 bomber with the presidential seal sewn on the chest during casual weekends.



what is bomber jacket
what is bomber jacket

 Varsity bomber jackets have elastic cuffs have stripes on them and the front and back are made of some rigid type material like wool. It’s very thick and the material of the sleeve is different from the primary material like it can be in leather synthetic.

The colors are also in contrast. It’s chest back, and sleeve area will look different. and on the trims, there will be stripes and on the sleeves or the chest, there are some patches that represent a logo. And on the chest area, there’s a letter too.



what is bomber jacket?
what is bomber jacket

  What exactly is a quilt? Quilting means that it has two layers of fabric that are held together by rows of stitches. It has a kind of a diamond pattern and sometimes it has a third material between the layers which is called the padding material. Polyester and wool are used sometimes.

Quilted jacket became very popular in the 17th century. It has been around since the middle ages. Oftentimes it was used as an under armor to make it more comfortable for knights to wear it. More importantly, it was also really desirable because it was lightweight and insulating at the same time.

A quilted jacket today has the same characteristics. It is lightweight, insulating, and waterproof when it rains. These properties of quilted jackets come from the trapped air chambers between the quilting, which helps to make you feel warmer.

Who Invented Quilted Jackets?

                                       It was an American by the name of Steve Guylas and he was in the military together with his wife Edna he moved to the UK and was inspired by a horse blanket to keep horses warm and so he created a jacket.        


what is bomber jacket?
bomber jacket

                 Softshell jackets are flexible and stretchy jackets that provide you with maximum comfort. Softshell jackets made of synthetic woven material jackets boost polyester and nylon. In softshell jackets, there is a maximum level of breathability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of softshell


  1. It has an amazing insulation property.
  2. Maximum freedom of movement you can fell in it.
  3. It is quite warm and comfortable.


  1. Not that good weatherproofing
  2. Comparatively heavier
  3. Less durable
  4. Bulky and hard to carry.


what is bomber jacket?
bomber jacket

                          A windbreaker or a windcheater is a thin coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain.

History of Wind Breaker

                                    It became popular during the 17th century because it was traced back to 500 years ago. It was a similar garment that was used to wear in the arctic. The parka is made from animal skin. They were waterproof and were modified by western explorers of the 19th century and early 20th centuries.

After the world war, nylon and other artificial fabrics took the place of animal skins. During the 70s functional outerwear became so popular that windbreakers were embraced in the 1980s. Windbreaker became stable in spark wear and brighter colors. This term was used for a type of shirt jacket based on the British rock flying jackets. Many versions were made in wood carpeting and synthetic fabrics


what is bomber jacket?
what is bomber jacket

This overshirt is a mixture of a shirt and a jacket. It looks like a dress shirt. It typically has shirt-style cuffs which can be similar to barrel cuffs shirts. It also has elements on a jacket-more robust and hard-wearing fabric, a strict hemline at the bottom, and several pockets.

History of Overshirt

                         The overshirt came into a light garment in the late 1800s. It was around at that time when workers tasked with hard manual. Then labor started to modify their denim overalls. They’d keep the robust trouser portion but remove the bib and braces for more mobility.


what is bomber jacket?
wax cotton

          It is a cotton jacket made water-resistance by a paraffin-based waxing typically with a tartan lining and a corduroy or leather collar. The main drawback of a waxed fabric is its lack of breathability. Its origin is the waxed jacket in the coated garment also known as oilskin.

History of Waxed Cotton Jacket

                                       J.barbour and sons was an early adapter in the outdoor industry, they made waxed cotton jackets for farmers and gamekeepers. Waxed cotton was adapted as the first choice of waterproof clothing for the British armed forces in world war II.


what is bomber jacket?

                         A Harrington jacket(originally known as a Baracuta jacket or a G9)is a lightweight waist-length jacket made of cotton polyester wool or suede.

History of Harrington Jacket(G9)

                                 John and Isaac Miller founded the company Baracuta and claimed to have invented the Harrington jacket in 1937. The other English company Grenfell claimed that they invented the Harrington jackets as early as 1931.

Unfortunately, the records aren’t clear so we can never be able to prove who invented what. Baracuta has been more associated with the Harrington jacket and their model number is the G9

Baracuta made their name with rainwear and John and Isaac Miller were avid golfers and that helped to inspire the design and the qualities of the jacket because it’s often used on the golf course. Baracuta offers different jackets such as the G4 and G10. In the G9 the g stands for golf.

There is a close relation between golfing and the Harrington jacket. In the 1930s golf was mainly a sport for the wealthy; the Baracuta jackets which were worn in the golf courses became a status symbol. By the 1950s ivy league, students made the Baracuta G9 jacket a part of the preppy style.

                           In the 1950s and 60s, some of the Hollywoods icons wore the Baracuta GO.

How did they get the name Harrington jacket?

    That was until 1964 it was a popular tv series by the name of Peyton place, and the actor Ryan O’Neal starred as Rodney Harrington, and because of that, it got the name of Harrington jacket.


what is bomber jacket?

            A leather jacket is a jacket-length coat that is usually worn on top of other apparel or items of clothing.

Jackets are made from a variety of animal hides the most popular choice for heavy-duty jackets is cowhide but buffalo and horse are also used. Lightweight leather jackets are usually made from sheep pigs or goats although more exotic leathers of animal is also used such as kangroos. The leather jacket material is typically dyed black

                                        Leather jackets can be designed for many purposes and specific styles. Specific styles have been associated with subcultures such as motorcyclist bikers and military aviators.

History of leather jacket

           In the 1900s aviators and members of the American and European military wore brown leather flight jackets. One of the modern jackets, the type A1, was created by a chapel in 1925. The heavy-duty flight jackets had wraparound collars, they had wind flaps, snug cuffs, and waistbands and we saw these used in world war 1 when pilots needed exceptionally thick and durable outerwear by flying. Flying at rapid speeds and high altitudes in open cockpits was quite difficult. In world war 1 planes have open cockpits so these early flight jackets were made of a brown capeskin leather piece became known as the bomber jacket style.


what is bomber jacket?

               The MA-1 was designed by the United States Air Force to serve as an intermediate-weight flight jacket for use all year. This was accomplished by manufacturing the MA-1 from very high-quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlining.

History of B-15 to MA-1 jacket

                 Until world war II, flight jackets were broken down according to five climate zones ranging from very light hot temperatures to very cold temperatures.

According to that system, the MA-1 belonged to the intermediate zone which went from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The intermediate zone started with the B6 jacket in 1936.to understand how the MA-1 was born, we need to look at what was before it. The B-15 series started with a B-15 in 1944. This jacket is very similar to the first interaction of the MA-1 jacket except for the fur collar.

                            The flight clothing developed in response to the evolution of aircraft technology, during world war II the most important aircraft evolution happened, All parties involved in the war started developing jet aircraft no country, however, achieved the perfect jet aircraft during the war, Ater world war II that most air forces around the globe transmission to jet air crafts in term of flight jackets this had one major impact pilot headgear had to evolve to protect pilots from new threats like vibrations from increasing speeds the fur collar on the b-15 jackets got in the way of the new helmet design.

                                           The MA-1 bomber jacket was based almost 100% on the b-15 jacket that became the official uniform in 1952.

                             The MA-1 jacket was created by alpha industries that issued to the USA air force navy pilots. This jacket was made for the military over 40 years.


what is bomber jacket?
B 3 flight jacket

           The B-3 flight jacket is made of sheepskin and is available in either seal brown or redskin color option. B-3 jackets were originally produced from unfinished raw-white sheepskin.   

B-3 Jacket History And Introduction

               The type B-3 sheepskin flight jacket is also an article of American clothing. The most famous movie with a B-3 jacket is ‘’’ Memphis Belle’’.In the movie, you can see almost every crewmen except the pilot co-pilot navigator and bombardier of B-17 wearing the B-3 jacket and A-3 trousers type.

B-3 flight jacket was designed in 1933 and standardized on May 8th, 1934. Its design was inspired by the British royal air force Irvin’’ flight jacket which was designed in 1932. The usage of B-3 was usually to bomber crews of USAF. Type B-3 jackets were to classic so the pilots of the Luftwaffe in WWII wanted also B-3 jacket


what is bomber jacket?

  Sherpa is a curly piled fabric structure made of synthetic yarns like acrylic or polyester. The texture is soft and fluffy. Sherpa is a knitted type of fabric usable in line clothing and winter wear

History of sherpa bomber jacket

                   It was made by an American manufacturer of decorative fabrics named (collins and Aikman) who developed it in the first place


what is bomber jacket?

                           They were manufactured from a mix of cellulose triacetate and polyester making them shine on the outside. Most tracksuits have a mesh interior which allows the user to wear them without any undergarment. This is much like a bathing suit.

History of Tracksuit Jacket

           A descendant of the tracksuit that arrived in the late 1980s was popular with the hip-hop and breakdancing scene of the era.


Can bomber wear in summer?

It is a often asked question whether bomber jacket could be in summer or not. Bomber jacket can definitely be wear in summer but it should made of Cotton, or some other light fabric. As you know wool and other such type fabrics are worn in winter.

Can we wear bomber jacket in rain?

Having an outerpiece in rain can save you from cold and gives you inner warmth. So bombers can be wear in rain also.

Is bomber jacket warm?

Bomber jackets are specially designed to keep your body warm from outer cool. Bomber jackets can be wear throughout the year.

What is bomber jacket used for?

Bomber jackets were originally designed for military purpose in ww1 but now these are the items of daily use.

What is difference between varsity jacket and bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets usually come in single solid color while varsity jacket comes in different colors and spectrum.

Why bomber jackets are so famous?

Bomber jackets are famous for their style. Most famous celebrities of politics and Hollywood also have worn bomber jackets at different occasions. So that’s why it has become so popular among public.


I hope that after reading the whole article you would be understand what is bomber jacket. Some famous faqs section is also added to this article for the sake of help to the people.