When were Tennis shoes invented | History

When were Tennis shoes invented
When were Tennis shoes invented

A person who is reading this blog might be a fan of tennis sport or shoes. Normally person likes the sport but they don’t try to find out its history or its journey. But I think that the person who is here in front of my blog is a die-hard hard fan of tennis.

Or maybe he could be a good player of tennis in his era. In today’s busy world no one has time to know even about their favorite player. But you are here to know the tennis shoes history, you want to know when were tennis shoes invented so my first attempt will be to give you relevant and authentic history of Tennis shoes.

When were Tennis shoes invented firstly?

In the 19th century, the first tennis shoes were manufactured and they were known as plimsolls. They were specially designed for British Navy when they were on their Slippery desks.

Initially, the first pair of shoes had canvas upper and rubber soles. They were named sneakers because they had no sound while walking unlike other shoes that create much sound due to heavy and hard sole.

Today a pair of tennis shoes we have is far cry from the shoe that was invented in 1960. At the time they even didn’t have right or left shoes until 1960, when many tennis shoe-making companies came into competition. Those companies then launched their advanced versions of tennis shoes.

How Tennis shoes became popular

In 1960, Tennis game became so popular that all the elite classes of London spent their time in playing it. They mostly played by wearing Tennis shoes that made them so popular at that time. Its popularity still holds to this day.

Advancement in Tennis shoes

In 1916 United States Rubber company launched its brand and started making its tennis shoes. These shoes were rubber-soled canvas shoes and were known as Keds. And later on, many other companies step up in the race of shoe-making race.

Then in the following year company named Converse Rubber started their brand which became famous as All-Star shoe.

Even with the new brands and companies the style of the shoe was not sufficiently changed until 1960 came. Many companies then started experiments to make tennis shoes better and to improve their standards.

Who was Bill Bowerman

When were Tennis shoes invented | History

The struggle of one person can not be ignored in the history of tennis shoemaking. And that person was Bill Bowerman. Bill was a coach at Oregon University.

Bill aimed to design a shoe that was more comfortable and lightweight. That could provide more traction protection to the users. His primary focus was on athletes.

He wanted to design a shoe that could provide more comfort to the sportsman. He used nylon instead of canvas to make shoes more comfortable and lightweight. He started a company name, Nike. Today Nike is the world’s most famous world brand. He named him after the Greek Goddess of victory.

Adidas and Puma Entry

Then Adidas and Puma also came into the race of shoemaking for athletes and sportsmen. Puma and Adidas also started to improve versions of Tennis shoes. Eventually, the involvement of Tennis players in the design and manufacturing process took the Tennis shoes to the new heights of fame.

Today the entire look of the tennis shoes has an entirely different look from its original one and this is all because of the hard work and devotion of years.

Who named it Tennis shoes

The history of the name is referred back to the 1800s. The British Navy needed shoes that did not get slip on wet surfaces and slippery desks. That was the first use of these tennis shoes.

Later on, rich aristocrats started playing one of the most popular games at that time name Tennis by wearing these shoes. Then these rubber sole shoes became famous by name Tennis shoes. Companies like Adidas and Nike then sparked the growth of experimentations on shoes.

Adidas then launched a tennis shoe with mesh upper suede on the toe and polyurethane outsole in 1970. That made it more durable Comfortable and Breathable.

In short, the tennis shoe was named after wealthy aristocrats who used it on the tennis court. And at that time it provided so much comfort to them so which made it so much popular.


The desire to improve the comfortability of the shoes for the athletes makes them more popular. Thanks to Adidas, Nike, and Puma for their efforts. And also thanks to the wealthy aristocrats who played tennis by wearing them on the court and made it famous all over the world.


What was the first product of Nike?

Moon Shoe was the first product of Nike and it was made by Bowerman waffle iron.

What does Nike for?

Nike word is derived from Greek methodology means goddess of victory. It represents sound, power, speed, and motivation.

What is the origin of Tennis shoes?

We find the origin of Tennis shoes by going back in 19 century. The first rubber sole shoes were used in England by the Navy.

What is the difference between Tennis shoes and sneakers?

Tennis shoes are designed to show your skills on the tennis court while sneakers are just simple shoes with rubber-sole and canvas top. Tennis shoes can be used as sneakers but sneakers can’t be used as tennis shoes.

If you want to know how to make your shoes comfortable than you can go through it.

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