Which is the best attar perfume? 2022


Your money is very valuable and if you want to get a good attar with this money so that’s why you are here. This blog will tell you about which is the best attar perfume.

I think you are looking for attars that can brighten the personality of men. And you will be looking for attars that are cheaper and more affordable for men. 

You will be looking for this attar which will give fragrance to the atmosphere. You will not be told about any product in this blog that has any kind of error or it may be of poor quality. 

And as you know all these attars are available on Amazon. You will be given accurate information about every single attar in it and you will not be deceived in any way. All of these attars are available on Amazon and none of them are out of stock.

And the purpose for which you are buying will be fulfilled. And these products will be problem-solving for you.

What is Attar?

Traditionally Attars (word used across Asia) also known as Itr in the Middle Eastern countries has been made from the Hydro Distillation of any flower into Pure Sandalwood Oil.

Perfume or attar is an important part of our lives whether it is a man or a woman. These have been in use for centuries. Scents, perfumes, or attar are all different names for the same thing but the main objective is to smell well. The problem here is which perfume to choose according to your personality.

The word perfume is acquired from the Latin word “per fumum” which means smoke. Making perfumes is called perfumery and it is an art. This art was started by Mesopotamia and Egyptians and later developed by the Persians and Romans. 

Attar is one of our Prophet’s (S.A.W) favorite things. That is why it is mostly used by Muslims for gifts.

Because of Itr non-alcoholic properties, Muslims use them widely for all happenings and events. Earlier attars were not so common but now they are found everywhere due to their abundant use. Even we find them in Non-Muslim countries also. Muslim men usually use attars when praying to do well

Now after reading this you will be curious that which is the best attar perfume or which is the best smelling attar after all.

This is a list of some of the best attar for men that I have come across, these are all-natural attar and are considered to be some of the best attars.

★彡ⱠIS₮ 彡★

👉 Arba Wardat Containing soft notes (BEST_SELLING)

👉 Esraa Suitable for all weather

👉 Attar Mubakhar Long-lasting

👉 Dehn El Oud Shaheen Can be wear at all occasions

👉 Amber Ood Notes are soft and evoking

👉 Khaltat Al Khasa Ma Dhan Al Oudh Notes containing Rose and Saffron

👉 PRIVATE Musk Perfume Oil Alcohol free and natural ingredients

👉 Mahyouba Woody and floral notes

👉 Oudh Al Methali Gives fragrance after washing

1.Arba Wardat

which is the best attar perfume?

I put this product at number one because it deserves it. If you like soft notes then you can buy this men’s attar.

Arba Wardat is one of the best-selling attars of all time. It has captured a distinctive and unique look through its bottle design. It is a CPO(Concentrated Perfume Oil) perfume type attar. It is fine and fit for both men and women.

It is a productive fusion of fruit and floral ingredients. It has a quantity of 30ML (1.6 oz).

In the top notes of Arba, we found bergamot in fruits and jasmine and rose in floral. Middle notes contain floral-woody sandal & woody mix and ambery – mossy. In the base notes, we found Woody ambery mossy and musky tones.

This attar is manufacture by famous company RASSASI. Now if you have a question yet that which is the best attar perfume then, I can recommend you this.


best men perfumes
which is the best attar perfume

It is a captivating perfume that is suitable for all weather. 

This is also a product of Rassasi company which was found in early 1979. If you are crazy about natural ingredients then you can buy this attar. The mixture of the best essential oils makes it the best attar for men.

Its top notes contains Bergamont ,Yalang, and Saffron.It for those who are bright and stand tall.

Gurjan Balsam, cedar, and orris root play a vital role in its middle notes and make it suitable for all weather. Its root notes contain sandalwood and ambrette. Its bottle is not made up of a cheap plastic bottle, it’s glass and metal with beautiful stones which increases its attraction.

3.Attar Mubakhar

which is the best attar perfume

 Long-lasting attars and perfumes are appreciated by everyone and everywhere. If you have fond of long-lasting attars then it is recommended for you.   

      It comes in a very beautiful bottle of exotic silver containers. It is alcohol-free long-lasting attar. 

         This is a product of a world-renowned company SWISSARABIAN which is producing 35 million attars and perfumes annually that are exported to over 80 countries all across the world. 

         Its opening notes contain a punch of balsamic, sweet, and fresh characters filled with Bergamot and Mandarin. Its heart contains rose, analgesic powdery notes of Jasmine, and shades of Patchouli and Olibanum. It has an ingredient of agarwood and sandalwood which could be suggested for men’s attar. It also comes with an applicator which increases its services.

4.Dehn El Oud Shaheen

which is the best attar perfume

Some people want that type of attars that can be wear at any time and any occasion. If you are looking for that kind of attar then you can buy it.

Dehn El Ood Shaheen is a unisex concentrated perfume oil. It has a 100 percent natural fragrance and it is also alcohol-free make it best for men to use. It has an everlasting aroma that pleases you and others as well. It is a handy gift-type item that comes in an exclusive prismatic bottle. You will found it as a skin-friendly product. It doesn’t create any type of irritation or damages your skin.

5.Amber Ood

which is the best attar perfume

It is a creative combination of special ingredients, aimed at evoking beauty and softness. The refreshment and warmth of the fragrance make it easy to adapt to all the times make it the best men’s attar.

The elegant design of the bottle creates a picture of calmness and modernity. Its top Notes contain Oudh, Rose heart  Notes have Amber & Base Notes contains Oudh & Musk. If you are still in search of which is the best attar perfume then you can buy it.

This attar is manufactured by RASSASI perfumes.

6.Khaltat Al Khasa Ma Dhan Al Oudh

which is the best attar perfume

Khaltat Al Khalsa is a male scent that starts entirely with fresh new and delicious notes. Its marvelous blend of ingredients with a very noticeable scent is truly enjoyable. The heart of the rose is interspersed with rose-and-fried saffron descending on Oudy and musky notes, prepared with a milky sandstone and earthy frame.

    This is a long-lasting attar and you will be complemented by others. It has a fabulous blend of ingredients with a very noticeable scent that is truly pleasant. 

7.PRIVATE Musk Perfume Oil

Which is the best attar perfume? 2022

       It is an alcohol-free and natural blend fragrance. It is made up of the most valuable ingredients that are enough to make winter nights fragrant. 

If you are looking for alcohol-free attar then this is definitely for you. If somebody likes long-lasting attars for men then it is recommended. 

         It is a product of SWISSARABIAN company which is famous for its amazing attars and perfumes. It has special ingredients like Saffron, Jasmine, White Amber, and Oak Moss. The fragrance of jasmine and saffron gives a feeling of freshness to the soul. It usually comes in 12ml in volume.

If somebody asks you that hey man! could you please tell me which is the best attar perfume, then you can recommend this to him.


Which is the best attar perfume? 2022

It is concentrated perfumes oil(attar) with a weightage of 30ml. This attar is a sign of confidence and elegance. I can brighten your personality. It is a product of the world’s most famous company Rasasi.

If you are looking that which is the best attar perfume to feel confident then this is for you.

The top notes of Mahyouba contain lavender and citric scents followed by heart notes that contain woody and floral notes. You will find musk and wood in the base notes. It is a Unisex attar.

9.Oudh Al Methali

Which is the best attar perfume? 2022

This attar is a real natural scent to long-lasting and very sensitive and you will find difference even after washing the clothing. It is Arabic-style attar. It is a great unisex oil perfume attar.

This attar can hypnotize you from its classic and sweet fragrance. You can lose your senses by being wrapped in its scent. Its floral and fruity ingredients make it so that its fragrance spreads.


You have seen all the products, now it is up to you to decide, but I like only soft notes so if I go for any attar then it would be Arba Wardat.

Thank you!

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