Why Do Suit Jackets Have Buttons On The Sleeves

Why Do Suit Jackets Have Buttons On The Sleeves
Why Do Suit Jackets Have Buttons On The Sleeves

Suit jackets have buttons on the sleeves because that is what makes them look professional. It is incomplete without its matching buttons on the sleeves. When you put on a suit jacket with buttons, it shows that you are taking your appearance seriously. It also sets you apart from other men who do not wear suits. If you’re thinking of investing in a buttoned sleeve suit, then be sure to research which styles work best for you.

In this article, we’ll try to answer the question of, why suit jackets have buttons on the sleeves and the history of suit jackets and their buttons.

The history of suit jackets

Buttoned sleeve suits have been in style for centuries, and their popularity is no coincidence. They add an element of sophistication and refinement to any outfit, making them a popular choice for formal occasions. Buttoned sleeve suits were originally worn as part of military uniforms. Soldiers needed to be able to quickly remove their jackets if they needed to take cover or fight. Having buttons on the sleeves made removing the jacket quick and easy.

These buttoned sleeves have been a part of men’s clothing since the 18th century. Over time, suit jackets evolved into their present form- with buttons on the front and back of the jacket- to keep them from coming off in the wind or when a man moves.

Today, buttoned sleeve suits are still a popular choice for formal occasions, as they add a touch of elegance and class. If you’re looking for a versatile style that can be used for many different occasions, a buttoned sleeve suit is a great option.

As suits began to be worn more often for everyday purposes, people started to adopt the buttoned sleeve style as their own. It became a popular choice for business attire, as it added a level of professionalism and sophistication.

Why Do Suit Jackets Have Buttons On The Sleeves

The buttons on the sleeves add a touch of elegance and make the jacket more versatile. A good way to create an elegant look is to keep your clothing tidy and wrinkle-free. Buttoning a suit jacket helps to achieve this goal.

  • They are versatile – A buttoned sleeve suit can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.
  • The sleeves are buttoned up, they will stay put and won’t move around while you’re wearing them. This makes them ideal for more formal events, where you want to look your best.
  • They’re stylish – Buttoned sleeve suits are classic and timeless, making them a popular choice for those looking to dress up their wardrobe.
  • It ensures that your clothes will last longer. Having buttons on the sleeves means that there’s less chance for dirt, sweat, or other debris to get inside the seams.
  • Suit jackets have buttons on the sleeves to keep them from being pulled off or ripped. This is also a common style for jackets worn in colder climates, where it can be difficult to keep your jacket on if it’s too tight around the arms.
  • The buttons also help keep the jacket from extending beyond the armhole, giving the wearer a streamlined appearance.
  • They reinforce the seams near the shoulders. Without buttonholes, the fabric would stretch and pull away from the metal buttons on the jacket’s lapels – this is why suit jackets always have a bit of giving when you try to fit them onto a hanger.
  • Buttonholes are more than just convenient reinforcements – they can also be used for decorative purposes. For example, if you want to show off a flashy pocket watch or some other accessory, you can put it in a pocket with a buttonhole handy.

What are the Different Types of Buttons?

Buttonholes are the most basic type of button, consisting of one row of holes on the edge of the fabric. It is used on skirts and trousers and is usually hidden by a seam or hem. Buttonholes are made with a special machine called a buttonhole maker.

Slip buttons are another type of button, often seen on jackets. They are made out of two pieces of metal that hinge together. When you push the two pieces together, they create a small button. You can see this type of button on jeans and some dress pants.

Zipper buttons are also the most common type of button in today’s clothes. They consist of a large circular piece of metal with a zipper in it. To get to it, you have to remove the whole front of your jacket. This type of button is used on jackets, coats, and other types of clothing.

The French button is the more traditional type and has a small hole in the center of the button that you need to line up with the hole in the suit jacket cuff before pushing it through.

There are a few different types of buttons on a suit jacket, but the most common are lapel buttons. These are usually circular and made of metal. They’re used to close the jacket’s lapels together.

How to care for your suit jacket?

Wearing a suit is always a classy way to look and feel. However, like any piece of clothing, a suit jacket requires some attention to look its best. Here are three tips to help keep your suit jacket looking great:

  1. Avoid contact with water: Keep your suit jacket away from water as much as possible. This includes rain, sweat, and even accidental spills from coffee or red wine. If you do get water on your jacket, blot it dry as quickly as possible so that the fabric does not soak through.
  2. Store your suit jacket correctly: Always store your suit jacket in a cool, dry place. Do not fold or wrinkle it; this will only cause it to wear out faster.
  3. Button up the sleeves: This is the most important step! If your sleeve buttons are not properly done, they will show wrinkles and wear much faster than if they were properly buttoned. For best results, use a tailor or seamstress to get your suit jacket’s sleeves properly buttoned.

How to Remove Buttons from a Suit Jacket?

If you are looking to remove buttons from a suit jacket, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. One option is to use a hot knife. This will cut through the fabric near the button and then you can Pry it off. Another option is to use thread cutters. This will cut the fabric around the button and then you can pull it off.


I hope this article on why suit jackets have buttons on the sleeves has shed some light on the history and function of these crucial garment pieces. I believe that everyone deserves to look their best, no matter what occasion they are dressing for, which is why I urge you to take the time to learn about suit jackets and how to put them together correctly.

Thanks for reading!

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